🚨🚨 Trying to Overturn Georgia’s Stand-Your-Ground Law!

If you had asked me a few years ago which law the Left hates most in the gun rights debate, I would have said Constitutional Carry.

After all, this is the law that allows us to carry firearms without needing to first obtain government permission. And it denies the government a list of gun owners.

And the Left does hate Constitutional Carry, it’s true.

But nothing angers them more than Stand-Your-Ground law, and that’s why they are in the midst of a national campaign to repeal it across America, including right here in Georgia! 

You can find a new attack piece on Stand-Your-Ground law almost every day, as the Left whips their base into a frenzy.

We can’t ignore this. We need to make sure every politician in Atlanta knows that any efforts to repeal Stand-Your-Ground law would be met with tremendous resistance!


Georgia’s Stand-Your-Ground law says that if you are under attack by a violent criminal and your actions meet our use of force laws, you do not have to retreat before defending yourself.

Repealing this legislation would mean that:

  • Georgians could be arrested for the ‘crime’ of defending themselves against would-be murderers, rapists, armed robbers and more, without first retreating.
  • Georgians could be dragged into civil court for damages by the same criminal who attacked them on the street. Even if you win in civil court, it’ll cost you tens of thousands in legal fees.

Repealing Stand-Your-Ground would be a disaster, giving the upper hand to criminals again and forcing you to go through years of legal battles, all because a thug attacked you!

This isn’t theory. It’s how things were prior to Stand-Your-Ground law. We can’t ever go back to that.


And the attacks against Stand-Your-Ground law aren’t just media headlines, it’s happening as we speak!

Bloomberg-backed leftists in Pennsylvania have filed SD-424 to repeal their state’s Stand-Your-Ground law.

Bloomberg-backed leftists in Georgia have filed HB-842 to repeal their state’s Stand-Your-Ground law.

Bloomberg-backed leftists in Ohio have begun circulating a co-sponsor memo, the first step in filing the bill to repealing their state’s Stand-Your-Ground law. 

And this is just the beginning.

National gun control groups, the White House, and hundreds of media outlets are all screaming to pass this legislation before adjournment — and we can’t take anything for granted.

Please immediately sign your petition in support of Georgia’s Stand-Your-Ground law, so the politicians in Atlanta know exactly where you stand


All over the country, Republicans are caving under the pressure of the media and Bloomberg backed radicals.

In Tennessee, RINO-Republicans are about to institute a ‘Red Flag’ law to appease the Left. In Virginia, multiple RINOs joined the Democrats and voted to try to ban ‘assault weapons!’ And weak RINOs in South Dakota shelved SAPA earlier this year.

You see, everyone thinks their GOP majorities will hold the line…until they don’t. We aren’t letting that happen here.

We’re making sure everyone in Atlanta knows what will happen to their careers if they bend their knee to the Radical Left!

Stand with us!

After you sign your petition, make a donation of $50, $25, or at least $17.76 to help Georgia Gun Owners hold the line!

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners

P.S. The media, Bloomberg-backed organizations, and leftist politicians are trying to use recent shootings to justify repealing Stand-Your-Ground law!

If they are successful, you could be arrested for the ‘crime’ of defending yourself without retreating first. And you could be hit with a civil suit from the same thug who attacked you!

The GOP is collapsing under the pressure nationwide. Don’t let that happen here. Sign your petition immediately and demand that Georgia lawmakers defend Stand-Your-Ground law!


Then make a donation so that we can hold the line here in Atlanta. Every bit helps!