⚠️⚠️ Biden’s ‘Assault Weapons Ban’ Gaining Ground!

In the last few days, Joe Biden’s ‘assault weapons ban’ has picked up a flurry of additional cosponsors. In fact, H.R. 698 now has an astounding 204 members supporting it!

If they get to 218, Biden can ram the bill through the House.

While Congressional Democrats are united in their support for H.R. 698, the real fight taking place in D.C. right now is in the Republican conference — where the risk of betrayal is high! 

Backstabbing Republicans including Pennsylvania’s Brian Fitzpatrick (who voted with Pelosi to ban AR-15’s last year) is actively whipping Republicans to co-sponsor this bill.

If he’s successful, Kevin McCarthy will use that as ‘moral authority’ to allow this bill to move to the House floor.

And that’s why your Congressman needs to hear from you immediately, to make sure he/she knows that voting for this legislation will haunt them at election time!

<<< VOTE NO ON HR 698! >>>

Biden and his allies are doing what they always do, use the actions of a violent murderer (the Nashville killer) as a pretense to disarm our entire country.

The Radical Left couldn’t care less about these victims. They are simply using the death of those innocent people to try to achieve their ultimate goal: disarming the American people!

 That’s exactly what this legislation does, by making it a FELONY for the American people to buy an AR-15 or a 30-round magazine.

(Congressional Democrats at a press conference last week, trying to guilt gun owners into giving up our AR-15s and our freedom.)

And while there are a few in D.C. like Matt Gaetz, Chip Roy, and others who are aggressively defending our right to own AR-15s, most Republicans are offering weak support with silly statements like, “I use an AR for sports shooting, or to shoot coyotes.”

Make no mistake: defeating Biden’s ‘assault weapons ban’ isn’t about shooting coyotes, it’s about defeating tyrants.

<<< VOTE NO ON HR 698! >>>

The House is the only place where we can defeat this attack.

With Biden having complete control of the Senate, Chuck Schumer will pass this bill if it comes over from the House, even if he has to nuke the filibuster and pass it with a simple majority.

Does this bill allow for gun owners that currently own an AR-15 to keep it…yes, but that’s just bait to lull you to sleep.

The fight for freedom has always been generational.

Our forefathers secured our fathers freedom, our fathers secured our freedom, and our job is to secure our children’s freedom. If we sit back and relax because of the ‘grandfather clause’ in H.R. 698 we would be spitting on our forefather’s legacy!

And, of course, should this bill, pass the next day Congressional Democrats will file new legislation to confiscate the AR-15s already in circulation.

<<< VOTE NO ON HR 698! >>>

After you’ve signed your petition, please make a donation of $17.76 or whatever you can afford to help us push back against Biden’s attempt to disarm the American people.  

The stakes couldn’t be higher.

If the Radical Left ever bans our AR-15s and the magazines that feed them, the American people will face unimaginable tyranny from the hands of our own government.

Please sign your petition against this bill and make a generous donation today!

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners