☠️ Here’s Who Voted for Gun Control in Congress!

Last week we asked you to call your Congressman (if they are a Republican) urging them to oppose the 1.2 trillion-dollar spending deal filled with gun control.

If you remember, this was the deal that was released at 2:30am last Thursday morning and voted on the next day.

I don’t know about you, but I think the idea of voting on spending over a trillion dollars of our money hours after the bill was unveiled is an insult to every taxpayer in New York.

But that was the least of our concerns with this vote.

You see, tucked inside of this massive spending package was money that supported gun control all over the country. Just a few examples include:

>>> $25 million to the CDC and NIH to ‘study’ the impact of waiting periods, the effectiveness of gun confiscation, forcing Seniors to surrender their guns at a certain age, and proposals to remove guns from pregnant women’s homes.

>>> $2 million for private security for the members of Congress. So while they try to vote to take away our freedoms, they can do so surrounded by armed people that we pay for.

>>> Almost $100,000 to a gun control organization in Connecticut, notorious for pushing some of the worst gun control in America today!

>>> Millions more to the Department of Health and Human Services to spend, helping the Veterans Affairs look for new ways to harass veterans who own firearms.

These crooks even included money for some high schools to pay for a curriculum that teaches all about the harm that comes from the Second Amendment, trying to turn children against freedom!

So surely our GOP-Congressional delegation all voted no, right?


Two of our Republican delegations in D.C. voted with Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff to stab gun owners in the back!

See for yourself!

Thankfully, Rick Allen, Andrew Clyde, Mike Collins, Marjorie Taylor-Greene, Barry Loudermilk, Rich McCormick, and Austin Scott voted the right way on this bill!

Aren’t you getting sick and tired of ‘pro-gun Republicans’ stabbing us in the back again and again and again?

If you are, take a moment to contact Buddy Carter and Andrew Ferguson and tell them to apologize for this vote for naked gun control!

>>> Rep. Buddy Carter
Call: 202-225-5831
Leave a Facebook message here

>>> Rep. Andrew Ferguson
Call: 202-225-5901
Leave a Facebook message here


If you live in Rick Allen’s, Andrew Clyde’s, Mike Collins’s, Marjorie Taylor-Greene’s, Barry Loudermilk’s, Rich McCormick’s, or Austin Scott’s districts, be sure and thank them for voting the right way on this disastrous bill!

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners