‼️ H.R. 3088 Makes Felons Out of Gun Owners ‼️

All over the world, innocent people are being oppressed by their own governments because they live in a country where only the government can own firearms.

The ability for ‘We the People’ to own firearms is perhaps the only reason why America is still a country where the government fears the people, instead of the people fearing our government.

That’s why Joe Biden and the communists in Congress are working so hard to crush the Second Amendment; they know that armed people are citizens, while unarmed people are easily controlled.

And while the left hates the fact that the American people can own their own firearms, the idea that we are free to manufacture firearms in our own home — without the government’s knowledge or consent — simply enrages them.

So it’s no surprise that Nancy Pelosi has just turned up the heat on H.R. 3088, legislation that makes felons out of Americans who possess homemade firearms that the feds know nothing about!


Known as 80% lowers, these home-made build kits are wildly popular with gun owners who enjoy using them to make anything from an AR-15 to a Ruger 10/22 using their own tools.

I don’t know about you, but the idea of proud American gun owners making firearms in their own workshops is one of the most patriotic things I can think of! No wonder Biden hates it!

The best part about these firearms is that since you make them yourself, there is no requirement for them to have a serial number, which means there is no way for the government to track them!

And while Biden is trying to ban this practice using Executive Orders, Nancy Pelosi is trying to advance this legislation to give the White House moral support from Congress.

In fact, H.R. 3088 has over 100 cosponsors and was JUST REFERRED to the House Judiciary’s Sub-committee on Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security where it is expected to have a hearing very shortly!


If Biden and Pelosi pass H.R. 3088, millions of gun owners could be turned into felons for the ‘crime’ of possessing one of these homemade firearms. But that’s not all.

H.R. 3088 also makes criminals out of Americans who own machines whose ‘primary function’ is to manufacture firearms! Of course, this is asinine. Who decides if a tool is ‘primarily’ used to make firearms? What about people who own a lathe? How about people or companies who own CNC machines? Are they criminals?

The intention of this legislation is crystal clear. And it has nothing to do with stopping violent crime.

H.R. 3088 is being pushed in Congress because like tyrants throughout history, Joe Biden hates the idea of his ‘subjects’ owning weapons that he doesn’t know about. Because he can’t confiscate what he doesn’t know about.   

See, that’s the carrot that is built into this bill.

If we simply submit to this tyranny and get our homemade firearms registered and serialized with the government, then H.R. 3088 will no longer be a threat.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t plan on submitting to this tyrant! That’s why we need to crush this bill in the sub-committee! Please help us do that RIGHT NOW!


What’s hysterically hypocritical is that this bill says that without this legislation, “ordinary citizens and foreign visitors may fear to travel to or through certain parts of the country due to concern about violent crime and gun violence…”

Right, people are going to be afraid to travel through parts of America where the people own guns that Joe Biden doesn’t know anything about and can’t track. Sure, that makes sense. 😊

The truth, of course, is that the only place where citizens are foreign visitors may be afraid to travel in is Democrat-run hellholes like Chicago, NYC, St. Louis, Portland, and other cities where violent crime is out of control because of their Bidenesque policies of disarming the people and defunding the police!

So please take action against this legislation right away.

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America is the freest country on earth because it’s the most well-armed country on earth. But if we ever lose our ability to defend ourselves against tyranny, those freedoms will evaporate!

Don’t let it happen — take action today! 

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners

P.S. H.R. 3088 is moving fast in the House of Representatives. This legislation has over 100 cosponsors and was just referred to a key Judiciary sub-committee.

If passed into law, H.R. 3088 would make felons out of gun owners who possesses a homemade firearm unless we get a government approved serial number for the firearm and add it into a central database!

This is the very definition of tyranny. Fight back and help us crush this legislation in Congress!


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