Video: We got him on the record

While working the halls of the Capitol yesterday seeking support for Constitutional Carry, GGO staff ran into Public Safety Chairman Alan Powell.

You may know Chairman Powell as the gatekeeper for Second Amendment legislation in his committee.

He’s also the same Chairman Powell who tells Second Amendment supporters who call into his office that Constitutional Carry does away with reciprocity.


Right now, he’s sitting on not one but two Constitutional Carry bills.

Instead of holding a hearing, scheduling a vote and moving the bills out of the committee, he’s doing everything he can to kill these bills.

One of our staff members asked Chairman Powell point blank: “When will we get a vote on Constitutional Carry?”

We caught the encounter on video … click here or below to watch it.

Then call Chairman Powell at 404-463-3793 and tell him to:

“Schedule a vote on Constitutional Carry — time is running out!”

For freedom,

Patrick Parsons
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners