Video Update: Rules Committee is Holding Constitutional Carry Back!

Constitutional Carry is sweeping the nation! 21 states have this beautiful legislation, and 4 states in addition to Georgia are looking to pass it into law this year as well. Americans just can’t get enough of freedom!

Georgia Gun Owner’s members have been demanding this legislation be passed for over a decade and were happy to finally see us going in the right direction with 31 cosponsors in the Senate, and it quickly passing out of the Judiciary committee 2 weeks ago.

We even had the Fake News Media in a huff at the progress we were making! But now…crickets. Nada. Nothing.

S.B. 319 is sitting stagnant in the Senate Rules Committee, who have refused to take action on this bill for weeks, running down precious time on the legislative calendar.

For the very latest, and to find out how you can help us put pressure on the Rules Committee, watch our video report here!

As you just heard, time is running out here in Atlanta. And while politicians are tweeting about their support for Constitutional Carry, it’s dying in the Rules Committee!


Like we said in the video, it’s time to pick up our political pitchforks and get to work. It’s an election year, so hammer on this committee right away using our PRE-WRITTEN EMAILS!

If gun owners don’t continually hold their feet to the fire, weak-kneed moderates in Atlanta will be all too happy to take the opportunity to do what they do best. Nothing.

And there is a clock on this. Every gun owner in Georgia knows the precipice we’re on as Stacy Abrams, Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff are all looking to turn Georgia blue and crush our chances of ever passing Constitutional Carry!  

That’s why we need to pass Constitutional Carry.

It’s about much more than doing away with the mandatory licensing of inherent rights. It’s about telling the radical left that this is Georgia, and we stand for FREEDOM!

So send your emails right away, and when you’ve done that, please consider an immediate donation of $100, $75, $50 or at least $25 so we can continue fighting for you in Atlanta!

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners

P.S. Constitutional Carry has passed the Senate Judiciary Committee, but now sits and waits for the Rules Committee to get up off their tails and take action on it.

Watch our video update right away, for the latest on this bill and how you can help us get it through the committee process in time!