Video: Brian Kemp Snubs Gun Owners

Dear Georgia Gun Owner,

Georgia Gun Owners practices what’s called “confrontational politics”.

We go directly to candidates and elected officials — many times with a camera rolling — asking them direct questions about our Second Amendment rights.

We do this on your behalf, so you can make educated choices about who to support for public office.

One year ago this month, I asked Republican candidate for Governor, Brian Kemp, if he would support “Constitutional Carry” for Georgia.

My staff recorded the exchange on video (CLICK HERE TO WATCH).

As you can see in the video, Kemp won’t say where he stands on the issue, didn’t want to be “put on the spot”, and indicated he’d rather “sit down” with me to discuss issues important to us.

Neither Kemp nor his campaign staff (Ryan Mahoney, specifically), made any attempt at all to “sit down” with me to discuss Second Amendment issues.

When sent the GGO Candidate Survey, Mahoney told our members that the campaign “never received a survey”.

As the April 5 survey deadline approached, Kemp’s campaign never made a request to Georgia Gun Owners for a survey.

There’s a pattern that’s developed with Brian Kemp — a pattern that should concern all Second Amendment supporters.

Other than, “I support the Second Amendment” and other campaign slogans, he just won’t go on the record on specific Second Amendment issues.

Here’s the video of me asking Kemp where he stands on Constitutional Carry”.

Please watch the video, then pass this email on to family and friends!

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For freedom,

Patrick Parsons
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners