Long days, late nights, and LOTS of grassroots activism.

That’s what it took to DEFEAT House Speaker David Ralston’s free speech-crushing GAG Act last week at the Capitol in Atlanta!

The combination of your calls, emails, petitions and social media activity, was too much grassroots heat for the politicians to endure; so instead of ramming GAG through last week, they punted the issue . . . for now.

Thank You — we could not have defeated this thing without your help.

Last year, when Georgia Gun Owners blew the whistle on this outrageous attack on the First Amendment, I received a good number of contacts asking me why we cared about this issue because it’s not a Second Amendment issue.

The answer is simple: Without the ability to exercise our First Amendment rights, there’s no way we can defend our Second Amendment rights.

That’s why it was so vital we killed the GAG Act this year.

Why on earth would Ralston and his gang of free speech-crushers want to pass the GAG Act?

It’s because they don’t want organizations like Georgia Gun Owners to expose their real record to the voters back at home.

They don’t want the voters to know they’ve spent years doing everything in their power to KILL Constitutional Carry.

And that they routinely water down gun bills and compromise your Second Amendment rights away.

If they got their way and passed GAG into law, Georgia Gun Owners would be forced to turn over the names of our members and supporters to the government — that’s something I will NEVER do.

How could we forget Ralston’s now infamous quote?

“We’re going to know who they are, we’re going to know where they are from.”

But that doesn’t mean we’re out of the woods just yet . . . 

More than 50 legislators (many of whom voted for the GAG Act in 2015) have primary challengers in this May’s primary election.

In the coming weeks, Georgia Gun Owners will be publishing the GAG Act voting record so that voters can see exactly where their candidates for elected office stand on this issue.

And of course this fight is NOT over.  We’re likely to see this legislation year after year.

You and I both know politicians would rather you not be aware of exactly what they’re up to at the Capitol.

They would prefer you come and kiss their backsides at local town hall meetings and just “trust” what they’re saying is gospel.

Frequently, politicians only tell you part of the story or flat-out lie.

That’s why Georgia Gun Owners exists.

To tell you the real story — to tell you exactly what’s happening at the Capitol in Atlanta.

On Wednesday, I’ll send you an email with a video review of this session of the Georgia General Assembly.  Please watch it and pass it around to family and friends.

As always, your support makes the work of Georgia Gun Owners possible . . .

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For freedom,

Patrick Parsons
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners