Time to Name Names

Dear Georgia Gun Owner,

Two legislators are responsible for running out the clock on Constitutional Carry in 2017 — State Reps. Alan Powell and Heath Clark.

Both Powell and Clark left not one, but TWO Constitutional Carry bills languishing in their committee last Friday, Crossover Day, at the Capitol in Atlanta.

“Crossover” (Day 28 of 40) is the day that legislation must pass from one legislative body to the other in order to stay alive during the 40-day session.

With enough votes in Committee to pass either Constitutional Carry bill, Powell and Clark concocted a scheme to run out the clock . . .

They pushed forward watered-down “Campus Carry” legislation that’s even weaker than it was the last few sessions.

This is their “political cover” bill.

You may remember Governor Deal vetoed so-called “Campus Carry” in 2016 — this bill is even further compromised than that one, leaving thousands of off-limits locations on campuses across the State of Georgia.

Capitol insiders tell me this bill could get even worse in the Senate, and even nastier during “Conference Committee” between the House and Senate, and even then, may be vetoed again.

Powell and Clark would rather usher through weak, compromised legislation than allow Second Amendment supporters to exercise their Second Amendment rights without having to pay the government a tax to do so.

While it’s still possible Powell and Clark could cave and allow a vote in the remaining 11 days of session, the bigger threat at this point is even further compromise of Second Amendment legislation that’s now passed the House.

A few years ago, Georgia Gun Owners exposed and blew the lid off of a secret deal to require government-mandated training for “Campus Carry” in Georgia — mandatory training has never been the law in Georgia.

You see, when establishment politicians like Powell and Clark get behind closed doors, they make deals.

They don’t just make deals with other politicians, they make deals with the establishment gun lobby.

And the establishment gun lobby is as much to blame for killing Constitutional Carry in 2017 as Powell and Clark are.

While the establishment gun lobby claims to be “no compromise,” I can tell you with 100% certainty that is just a slogan they use to fool their supporters.

The establishment gun lobby sits in Alan Powell’s office all day long, taking orders from him, doing whatever he asks them to do.

They play right along, providing political cover for politicians who would rather pass through weak, watered-down Second Amendment legislation, than pass Constitutional Carry in our state.

Let me cut to the chase . . .

Powell and Clark would not be able to kill Constitutional Carry without the political cover being provided by the establishment gun lobby.

The establishment gun lobby works for the politicians, not for you.

That’s why Georgia Gun Owners will continue working 365 days a year to put the heat on the politicians to pass Constitutional Carry in Georgia.

Thanks to your efforts, we made more progress this year than ever before, forcing politicians not only to respond publicly but behind the scenes to pressure being put on them by the grassroots, YOU!

But it’s not good enough for you and I only to bark during legislative session.

We must deliver the real bite — at the polls — during election season.

Constitutional Carry is still alive during this two-year session (2017 and 2018), so it’s vital we keep up the heat on our legislators.

In the mean time, we will keep a close watch on what’s happening during this legislative session and will let you know when your rights are being compromised.

Thank you for all of your grassroots activism — keep up the fight!

For freedom,

Patrick Parsons
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners

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