This is it: Today is the day they try to kill Constitutional Carry!

As you’re aware, Constitutional Carry has passed through the Georgia Senate and is now being sent over to the House!

This is solely because of the ferocious response of the members of Georgia Gun Owners, demanding to see this bill passed into law this year!

And while we saw the Senate Rules Committee try slow rolling S.B.319 to death, you all proved to be the more powerful voice over Michael Bloomberg’s cronies who were telling the Committee to kill the bill!

But folks, as we’ve been saying all along and as you’ve known all along, the House will be no easy task.

However, if you’ve seen all that Georgia Gun Owner’s members have accomplished in the last 10 days when everyone said we couldn’t, then you’re not dissuaded one bit from the battle ahead.

The House has several versions of Constitutional Carry that have been submitted. Most recently, we’ve seen HB1358 get dusted off and put forward as ‘The bill.’

HB1358 is being heard TOMORROW by the House Public Safety Committee for final approval before being sent to the House for a full floor vote!

This is it. This is where the House battle begins.

Tomorrow is when Michael Bloomberg, Stacey Abrams and all the other lying socialist losers will try to add harmful amendments and kill the bill, or at least gut it.

Now is the time when we need everyone to hammer on the phones and tell the House Public Safety Committee “HELL NO” to amendments to Constitutional Carry!

Call each one of them right away.

J. Collins: 404-657-1803
Danny Mathis: 404-656-0152
Jodi Lott: 404-651-7737
Heath Clark: 404-656-7857
Clint Crowe: 404-656-0325
Micah Gravley: 404-656-5025
Gerald Greene: 404-656-9210
Bill Hitchins: 404-656-7855
Rick Jasperse: 404-656-7153
David Jenkins: 404-656-0188
Eddie Lumsden: 404-656-7850
Jesse Petrea: 404-656-5115
Alan Powell: 404-656-3797
Darlene Taylor: 404-656-7857
Bill Werkheiser: 404-656-5132
Rick Williams: 404-656-0254

If you’d also like to email all of these Representatives on the committee, you can do so at this link, using our PRE-WRITTEN email!


We cannot stop for one second. The momentum we brought over from the Senate must continue here.

So please, call them all now, and then send your PRE-WRITTEN email as well, demanding all representatives on the Committee vote to pass H.B.1358 with NO Amendments!

We’re on the precipice here in Georgia. If we stall out now, it could be 4 or even 8 years before we have another opportunity to see this done, as no Republican will have any incentive to fight hard for YOU.

Don’t let up on any of them!

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners

P.S. After having passed the Senate yesterday in Atlanta, Constitutional Carry is going before the House Public Safety Committee TOMORROW!

But we can’t let up! You need to call all of the committee members at the numbers above and send a pre-written email right now to the House Public Safety Committee to pass HB1358 with NO AMENDMENTS!


And when you’re done, please make an urgent donation today of $5, $50, $500 — or whatever you can afford — to help us keep the heat up in Atlanta as this bill proceeds in the House!

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