Slap in the face to gun owners

Georgia gun owner,

Late yesterday, Governor Deal signed the weakest so-called “campus carry” bill in the country into law.

The bill leaves in place thousands of buildings, housing units, classrooms, offices, and other places as “gun free zones.”

Governor Deal openly bragged in the media and in his press release about the concessions and “compromise” he got from Republicans to weaken and water down the bill.

This bill is a disgusting slap in the face to every law-abiding gun owner in the state.

The following “gun free zones” left in place were listed prominently in Deal’s press release:

Buildings or property used for athletic sporting events;

Student housing, including but not limited to dormitories, fraternity and sorority houses;

Any preschool or childcare space;

Any room or space being used for classes related to a college and career academy or other specialized school;

Any room or space used for classes in which high school students are enrolled through a dual enrollment program, including, but not limited to, classes related to the “Move on When Ready Act”;

Any faculty, staff, or administrative offices; and, Rooms where disciplinary proceedings are conducted.

This legislation won’t stop any violent crime, but that was never its intention.

This bill was crafted to protect one class of people — politicians in Atlanta.

If they were serious about fighting for the Second Amendment and protecting innocent people they would pass constitutional carry legislation like New Hampshire did this year and more than ten states have passed in the last three years.

If legislators were serious about passing “campus carry,” they would pass clean, no compromise bills like have existed in every legislative session since 2013.

Capitol insiders report the left-wing, anti-gun Georgia Board of Regents will very likely try to make life hell on those who wish to carry in the few locations this bill allows.

We must repeal all “gun free zones” in Georgia, but to think that the General Assembly will come back in future years and “make this bill better” — the idea so many politicians are promoting — is foolish.

Georgia politics is not moving to the right, it’s moving to the middle and left.

Georgia continues to fall further and further behind other states in the restoration of Second Amendment rights.

Don’t be fooled by politicians waiving this bill around, claiming they are “the strongest Second Amendment supporter you will find.”

This bill was designed to protect politicians, and nothing more.

Heading into 2018, it’s vital you and I make clear the line in the sand is Constitutional Carry, and any politician who doesn’t actively push to make it happen could be on the chopping block at the polls.

For freedom,

Patrick Parsons
Georgia Gun Owners