6 Georgia State Representatives Co-Sponsor Constitutional Carry

Kennesaw, Georgia — Constitutional Carry (House Bill 2) was officially dropped into the “House Hopper” yesterday at the Capitol in Atlanta.

Lead sponsor State Rep. Matt Gurtler was joined by State Reps. Kevin Cooke, Emory Dunahoo, Michael Caldwell, David Stover, and Colton Moore as original cosponsors of the legislation.

If you don’t see your State Represenative’s name listed, send them an email encouraging them to support Constitutional Carry (HB 2) — CLICK HERE

Additionally yesterday, Oconee County Sheriff Scott Berry went public with full-throated support of Constitutional Carry (HB 2) seen by tens of thousands of people on social media across Georgia:

“I have no reason to fear any law abiding citizen with a gun.  Criminals will always have guns.  We should allow law abiding citizens to be armed against thugs and evil if they choose to be without government permission or intervention.”

Here’s the bad news — the establishment gun lobby and anti-gun Republicans at the Capitol in Atlanta are openly lobbying and even threatening legislators — telling them not to support Constitutional Carry.

Please watch my State Capitol Update below then click here to send a pre-written email to your State Representative encouraging them to support Constitutional Carry (HB 2).

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