Make Georgia Great Again!

I wanted to share this note (in italics below) with you we received recently in the mail here at GGO HQ.

Most encouraging to myself and the volunteers here at GGO is the confidence we have knowing that tens of thousands of our members, supporters, and volunteers across the state have our backs on a daily basis.

If we’re to KILL the Second Amendment Tax (pass Constitutional Carry), hold politicians accountable, and truly Make Georgia Great Again, all Second Amendment supporters must be on board.

Please read this special note (that now hangs on the wall here at GGO HQ) from GGO member Stephen W. of Jefferson, Georgia!

Dear Georgia Gun Owners and Mr. Patrick Parsons,

I wish to personally thank you for all you do to preserve our freedoms and support for the Second Amendment and the Constitution of the USA.  Personally I am much older than, just turned 65.  It is just great to see someone your age take a strong stand for freedom.

I have seen a lot in my lifetime and this is the worst I have ever lived through as far as politics and the downfall of principles and beliefs that founded this great nation.

If the country does not awaken very soon I am afraid for the younger generations in the end will pay a deep price for decisions made today by corrupt politicians and others who wish to pervert and destroy what the founding fathers along with God provided all of us.

Whenever I receive emails from you about responding to my elected representatives, I jump right on the task.  I think once elected, many politicians just come on with their own agenda, not the peoples’ voice.

So once again, thanks for defending our freedoms.  Remember you have my support in the future.


Stephen W.
Jefferson, Georgia

Thank you again, Stephen, for this wonderful note!

We’re grateful to have you as a member of Georgia Gun Owners!

For freedom,
Patrick Parsons

Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners

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