Look who I ran in to (PHOTO)

The Bloomberg / Soros funded anti-gun Moms (see picture below) are out in force at the Capitol again this week, lobbying to defeat “Constitutional Carry”.

All Second Amendment supporters should ask themselves this: With enemies like  these, why are Alan Powell and Heath Clark refusing to allow a vote?

If Powell and Clark succeed in burying “Constitutional Carry”, Bloomberg / Soros win and Second Amendment supporters lose.

Keep the heat on Powell and Clark — let them know you want a vote on “Constitutional Carry”!

Call Powell: 706-206-6500 or 404-463-3793

Call Clark: 404-657-1803 or 478-954-2214 or 478-227-2320

Make no mistake about it, if these anti-gunners ever get the votes, your Second Amendment rights will be eliminated.

For freedom,

Patrick Parsons
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners