JUST IN: Brian Kemp Says He’ll Sign Constitutional Carry (Again)!

Moments ago, bowing to the relentless pressure from GGO members from across the state and a Trump-backed primary challenge, Gov. Brian Kemp held a press conference promising to make Georgia a Constitutional Carry state this year.


As every gun owner in Georgia knows, the last time Kemp was in a gubernatorial primary, he made the exact same promise when he signed the Georgia Gun Owners candidate survey.

That was 1,313 days ago.

And while Governor Kemp and Speaker Ralston blocked this bill for the last three sessions, eight more Republican states passed these freedoms into law!

Will Kemp keep his promise this year? Will the legislature water the bill down? How can the GGO nation finish the fight in Atlanta this session?

We’re breaking all of that down in this live video report!

Make no mistake, Brian Kemp and the moderates in Atlanta are feeling the heat that GGO members have been inflicting for years — but this is no time to let up!

Send your PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL demanding action on Constitutional Carry law this session, without any weakening amendments, so the politicians in Altana know that the only way to escape the pressure from gun owners is to pass this bill.


Session begins on Monday and Georgia Gun Owners will be live on the ground giving you updates and the very latest on the fight for Constitutional Carry!

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For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners

P.S. At a press conference in Smyrna moments ago, Brian Kemp vowed to make Georgia a Constitutional Carry state in 2022. But this isn’t the first time Kemp’s made this promise.

Watch our video report above for the very latest in the fight for Constitutional Carry law here in Georgia — and then take action to help us finish this fight!


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