Just 8 Days Remaining!

I’ll get straight to the point.

The legislature is slow-rolling Constitutional Carry here in Atlanta, and time is running out.

There are only 8 business days left on the legislative calendar and House Speaker David Ralston is REFUSING to move Senate Bill 319 through the Public Safety Committee, let alone putting the bill on the floor for a vote this week!

Make no mistake, this is no accident. Coming from another politician we could try to blame a busy legislative schedule. But Ralston has been warring against Constitutional Carry for a decade, because he hates the idea of giving in to gun owners.

For all the latest, check out the video that our team did just this afternoon. You can watch it here.

To recap where we stand:

Late last month, the State Senate passed Constitutional Carry (SB-319) through the Senate on a party-line vote. That bill is now being held up in the House Public Safety Committee.  

A week and a half ago, the House passed Constitutional Carry (HB-1358) through the House of Representatives, also on a party-line vote. That bill is now assigned to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Since both chambers have passed their own versions of Constitutional Carry, one chamber needs to pass the opposing chamber’s bill before Constitutional Carry can get to Brian Kemp’s desk!

The danger is that neither chamber votes to move the other chamber’s bill. That means nothing will be sent to Kemp’s desk and both bodies will begin blaming the other while Georgians are left behind the other 23 states that already have this law.

I hope this email makes your blood boil!

You see, every year these politicians come back to us with their hands out for campaign donations and offer in return their empty promises to ‘represent you,’ yet they do NOTHING.

NOW is the time to call up the members of the House Public Safety Committee and tell them to GET OFF THEIR ASSES and move Senate Bill 319 immediately!

As committee members, they represent all of Georgia. So even if your State Representative isn’t listed below, you still have every right to call them.

Your message is simple: move Senate Bill 319 out of your committee immediately or pay the price later on this year.

Please call:

>>> J. Collins: (770) 295-8143

>>> Danny Mathis: (404) 656-0152

>>> Jodi Lott: (404) 651-7737

>>> Heath Clark: (478) 954-2214

>>> Clint Crowe: (404) 656-0325

>>> Micah Gravely: (404) 656-5025

>>> Gerald Greene: (404) 656-9210

>>> Bill Hitchins: (404) 656-7855

>>> Rick Jasperse: (404) 656-7153

>>> David Jenkins: (404) 656-0188

>>> Eddie Lumsden: (404) 656-7850

>>> Jesse Petrea: (404) 656-5115

>>> Alan Powell: (706) 206-6500

>>> Darlene Taylor: (229) 225-9943

>>> Bill Werkheiser (912) 237-0145

>>> Rick Williams: (404) 656-0254

Tell them to pass SB-319 with NO AMENDMENTS out of the Public Safety Committee so it can go to the House Floor for a vote.

Time may be running low, but they can still GET THIS DONE!

After you’ve sent your emails, please make a generous donation right away so that GGO can continue to pound on the members of the legislature until this bill hits Brian Kemp’s desk!


For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners

P.S. There are only 8 legislative days left in the Georgia legislative session, and House Speaker David Ralston is refusing to move Senate Bill 319!

Don’t let the legislature slow roll Constitutional Carry and run out the clock. Call the members of the House Public Safety Committee (numbers listed above) and tell them to stop stalling!

And when you’re done, please make an immediate donation to help Georgia Gun Owners keep hammering away on the legislature with our texting, email, and social media programs!