Huge Victory for Gun Owners Last Night!

Dear Georgia Gun Owner,

While much of the talk this morning is about the upcoming Republican run-off for Governor, gun owners scored a major victory for Constitutional Carry last night in Georgia House District 8.

Lead Constitutional Carry bill sponsor and GGO member, State Rep. Matt Gurtler, blew out (60% to 40%) House Speaker David Ralston and Nathan Deal’s hand-picked “Yes Man” candidate Mickey Cummings in far northeast Georgia.

Make no mistake about it — the powers that be at the Capitol in Atlanta placed a bulls-eye on Rep. Gurtler because he and Georgia Gun Owners are a problem for them on the Second Amendment.

The biggest opponents of Constitutional Carry in Georgia are members of Republican leadership like David Ralston, Matt Hatchett, Chris Coomer, Jay Powell, John Meadows, Chad Nimmer, Terry England and their friends in the establishment gun lobby.

Even though you may not live in the district, this was a direct attack on you, your rights, and conservatives in general.

Thanks to your generous support, in the weeks leading up to last night’s primary election, GGO blanketed the district with direct mail, web ads, and door to door knocking highlighting this attack on gun rights in our state.

GGO members and supporters struck back with a vengeance and showed up in force last night in Rep. Gurtler’s district, providing a more than 2,000 vote margin of victory.

I was in Rabun County yesterday helping to educate voters about this attack on their rights, and took this picture below with Rep. Gurtler late last night after the final numbers came in.

In the coming days, we’ll shift our focus to a number of run-off elections in our state, as well as continuing to highlight the radical, anti-gun voting record and stances of Democrat governor nominee, Stacey Abrams.

For today, pat yourself on the back for the victory in HD 8 over the establishment powers in Atlanta.  But by tomorrow, be ready to fight the Second Amendment wars they lay ahead of us in the coming months.

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For freedom,

Patrick Parsons
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners


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