GGO Members: Send These Two Emails Right Away!

After GGO members rammed Constitutional Carry (SB-319) through the Senate Judiciary Committee last week, every media outlet in the state began running attack stories on this legislation.

Of course, this was entirely predictable as the media in this country is an overt enemy to ‘We the People,’ doing everything they can to attack our God-given right to keep and bear arms!

Everyone knows that passing Constitutional Carry would not make it any easier for criminals to get guns, nor would it impact ‘Shall Issue’ legislation, nor would it lead to a spike in violent crime.

On the contrary, virtually every state that has passed Constitutional Carry has seen their murder and other violent crime rates decline in the years that followed.

You and I know this. But gun owners have been betrayed by our ‘pro-gun legislature’ more times than we can count over the last decade. And so we can’t take anything for granted right now.

Session resumes this morning in Atlanta. That’s why it’s vital that you take 2 minutes and send off two automated emails! As you’ll see, one goes to the Rules Committee and the other goes to your State Senator.


This is urgent! It doesn’t matter if you emailed the legislature last week. There is extreme pressure being applied by the left to kill Constitutional Carry right now, so you need to take action immediately! 

The Rules Committee could be considering this legislation as early as tomorrow. And the full Senate could be considering this legislation later this week. So please send your emails NOW!

Once you’ve taken action, please take the next step and get involved with the work of Georgia Gun Owners.

If you’re not yet a member, become one today.

If you are a member, please make an immediate donation to make sure that we have the ammo we need to fight for you in Atlanta!

We are closer than ever to making Georgia a Constitutional Carry state! Send your emails and make a donation today, to help us finish this fight!

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners

P.S. Michael Bloomberg and the fake news media across Georgia have spent all weekend hammering on the Georgia State Senate, desperately trying to block Constitutional Carry!

It’s vital that you send both of the PRE-WRITTEN EMAILS that you see below, so the Rules Committee and your State Senator know that you expect them to move SB-319 this week, with no amendments!


And after you have sent your emails, please make an immediate donation of $100, $75, $50, $25 or even just $10 to make sure that Georgia Gun Owners can keep the pressure on the legislature!