Georgia Republicans Ram Gun Ban Through

Dear Georgia Gun Owner,

NRA endorsed Republican State Senators Jesse Stone and Hunter Hill rammed gun control through the Senate Judiciary Non-Civil Committee late yesterday.

Just like that, HB 875 became nothing more than a piece of trash.

But the news is even worse than that . . .

NRA lobbyists at the Capitol continue to play games with gun owners, saying they “have the Senate covered,” yet their endorsed elected officials routinely stab gun owners in the back.

The Executive Director of another gun group at the Capitol, Georgia Carry, said this last week about the gun bill in the Senate: “Expect them to pass it with some changes and not necessarily bad changes.”

Virtually every Senator causing problems is both NRA and Georgia Carry endorsed! Not to mention both the Governor and Lt. Governor are endorsed by them as well.

Are these gun groups naive, power hungry or just afraid to tell their endorsed friends how wrong they are!

We certainly aren’t afraid to call out gun-grabbing Republicans when we see them!

We call Senator Stone’s and Senator Hill’s gun control compromise the “Little Lautenberg Gun Ban.”

They added language into the bill that would ban a whole new class of people from getting a weapons license in Georgia for something as simple as spanking your child too hard or getting into verbal disagreement with your ex-spouse.

A similar bill was passed at the federal level in the late 1990s — the Lautenberg Gun Ban.

It has disarmed hundreds of thousands since it’s enactment.

But what’s even worse, the new version of HB 875 also gutted “church carry” and added a brand new mental health mandate, banning those who receive “involuntary treatment” from possessing a firearm FOREVER!

Banned for something as simple as being ordered to alcohol rehab at some point in your life!

There are now two gun bills still alive — HB 60 and HB 875. Both are sitting in the Senate waiting for action.

But at this point, with Governor Deal and Lt. Governor Cagle now in full control, gun owners should be on guard for last-second gun control compromise language.

There are just TWO days [next Tuesday and Thursday] left in this session of the General Assembly.

GGO will not be supporting any nasty compromise, and neither should you.

That’s why it’s vital you call the Governor, Lt. Governor and Senate President Pro Temp AT ONCE!

Tell them you will not support any compromise of your gun rights and that you expect them to stop trying to kill gun bills!

Call Governor Nathan Deal >>> 404-656-1776

Call Lt. Governor Casey Cagle >>> 404-656-5030

Call Sen. President Pro Temp David Schafer >>> 404-656-0048

Thank you for taking action.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on all the latest developments.

Best regards,

D.R. Leonard
Political Director