Georgia Republican David Ralston Attacks Brian Kemp Voters

Kennesaw, Georgia — For years, Georgia Republican Speaker of the House David Ralston refused to even talk publicly about “Constitutional Carry” legislation.

But now that we have a Governor who said he would sign Constitutional Carry (link at the bottom), Speaker Ralston has launched an unprecedented attack on Constitutional Carry in today’s AJC.

What’s worse, he referred to the members and supporters of Georgia Gun Owners and Georgia Gun Owners itself, virtually all of whom voted for Brian Kemp and against Socialist Stacey, as an “extreme, fringe, special interest group“.

He even praised anti-gun legislator Mary Margaret Oliver on GBP as someone he “admires and loves”.  Remember, Oliver cosponsored the legislation with Socialist Stacey to ban, confiscate, and destroy your firearms.

Then he said your support of the Second Amendment “drowned” out what he wanted to talk about in November.

*** Keep reading below, then call Speaker Ralston’s office ***

Georgia Gun Owners is the largest Second Amendment organization in the state, with more than 14,000 dues-paying members, over 380,000 social media followers, and hundreds of thousands of email subscribers.

If those “fringe” GGO supporters had sat out in November, we would be looking at a Governor Stacey Abrams right now.

Instead of fighting back against Bloomberg’s anti-gun lobbyists swarming the Capitol in Atlanta, Speaker Ralston planted a story in the paper five days before legislative attacking YOU for wanting the General Assembly to go on offense, and get Constitutional Carry to soon to be Governor Kemp’s desk.

For eight long years, establishment politicians like David Ralston at the Capitol in Atlanta said the reason Constitutional Carry cannot be moved is because Governor Deal wouldn’t sign it.

But now that we have a Governor-elect who has said he would sign it, Ralston attacks YOU, the very people who elected a Governor who would.

That’s why I’m asking you to take action right now.

Call Speaker Ralston’s office and let him know you expect Constitutional Carry to get moved through committee and on to the floor for an up or down vote.

Call David Ralston Here -> 404-656-5020

Michael Bloomberg spent more than $20 million in Georgia to elect an anti-gun Governor and General Assembly.

He failed.

Now is the time to go on offense, not sit back and hope Bloomberg will take it easy on Georgia in 2020.


The time to advance gun rights and pass Constitutional Carry in Georgia is now, not some imaginary time in the future.

Please call Speaker Ralston’s office now, tell him to move Constitutional Carry through the Georgia House, and then, if you yet to do so, renew with GGO for 2019 or join for the first time today.

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For Freedom,

Patrick Parsons
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners

Link to Brian Kemp’s signed GGO Survey