GA Republican Gun Control Bill (SB 99)

Dear Georgia Gun Owner,

Republican State Senator Tyler Harper has joined up with five anti-gun Democrats to sponsor Senate Bill 99, a bill that could ban tens of thousands of Georgians FOR LIFE from exercising their Second Amendment rights.

If successful, Harper would do to Georgia what Barack Obama failed to do while he was President — force new mental health mandates (gun control) on the American people.

After reading the details of Harper’s gun control legislation below, please call Tyler Harper at one of the two numbers listed and tell him to drop his push for gun control and new mental health mandates AT ONCE!

Call Tyler Harper: 912-381-2441 
Call Tyler Harper: 404-463-5263

As the laws stands now, records of “involuntary hospitalization” are purged from the records of the Georgia Crime Information Center after five years.

Harper’s bill would leave those records in place FOREVER, forcing an individual to spend thousands of dollars (or more) on attorney fees petitioning the court to remove their name from the list.

If you’ve ever read the horror stories from individuals seeking to get their name removed from a government gun ban list, you know it’s virtually impossible, and always very expensive.

Don’t get me wrong, no one wants a mad man with a gun.

But the term “involuntary hospitalization” can refer to dozens of different court-orders (not related to serious mental health issues) like alcohol or drug treatments, or even one of our great military men or women not feeling well after returning home from war.

Harper’s legislation takes a broad brush and puts everyone in the same boat, banning tens of thousands of Georgians from exercising their Second Amendment rights potentially FOREVER!

What’s worse, Tyler Harper is the Chairman of the Public Safety Committee in the Senate, where this bill has been assigned, potentially putting it on a fast-track.

Please take action now — call Tyler Harper — tell him you are OPPOSED to his new mental health gun control mandates on Georgians.

Call Tyler Harper: 912-381-2441
Call Tyler Harper: 404-463-5263

Thank you in advance for taking action!

For freedom,

Patrick Parsons
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners

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