Final Vote Coming on Constitutional Carry Soon!

After the final House vote on Constitutional Carry last night, gun owners have a lot of questions on the process for finishing this fight and details on the bill.

Here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions. To be clear, these answers are current as of Thursday morning. Things may change regarding the schedule.

Question #1: Will the Senate vote happen today?

Answer #1: No. Today is not a legislative day in Atlanta. While the politicians are there, today has been reserved for committee work only, which means there will be NO FLOOR VOTES taken today.

Question #2: Then when will the final vote happen in the Senate?

Answer #2: Right now, none of our friends in the legislature have been given a firm commitment from leadership on when this vote will take place. It could happen tomorrow (Friday) or it could happen on Monday. Our best guess is tomorrow.

Question #3: Is SB-319 a good Constitutional Carry bill?

Answer #3: Yes, this version isn’t quite the same as the House version (HB-1358) but GGO is pleased with this legislative outcome, that will bring Constitutional Carry to Georgia!

Question #4: Who would be allowed to carry without a permit under Senate Bill 319?

Answer #4: Under SB-319, Constitutional Carry applies to every Georgian who can meet the criteria to obtain a Georgia Weapons License (GWL), out of staters who would be able to meet the criteria of a GWL if they were residents, and anyone who has a carry permit issued from another state.

Question #5: Did Speaker Ralston add any harmful amendments to this bill when it was voted through the House?

Answer #5: No. There were no amendments added to Senate Bill 319. There were three that we were on guard against, but none of them were brought to the floor for a vote.

Question #6: What can GGO nation do to help finish this fight?

Answer #6: That’s easy. Pound on your State Senator using our PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL platform! Tell him to ‘VOTE YES’ on SB-319 and to ‘VOTE NO’ on any amendments that come up.  


The only good news about the Senate vote not happening today is that it gives time for GGO members to flood that chamber with emails and calls demanding action on this bill.

It also gives time for GGO members to encourage their friends, family, coworkers, and hunting buddies to send their PRE-WRITTEN EMAILS too, so their voice can be heard in this fight for freedom! So be sure to share this email far and wide! 

Then I hope you’ll make a generous donation to make sure that GGO has the ammo we need to keep fighting for this bill until it’s signed into law.

In just the last few days alone we’ve spent almost $10,000 on our texting program, which is inundating RINOs in Atlanta with calls and text messages from gun owners in their districts.

And that’s not counting the money we’re spending on email mobilization, direct mail updates, or our lobby program in the Capitol!

It’s expensive. But it’s worth it if Georgia becomes the 25th Constitutional Carry state! Help us fight; donate here!

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners