Georgia Capitol Update: “I’m up to my ears”

Kennesaw, Georgia — Just got back from the Capitol in Atlanta — I wanted to send you a quick legislative update.

We continue working the halls of the Capitol, gobbling up cosponsors for Constitutional Carry.  The bill has been “pre-filed” and will be dropped into the “House hopper” soon.

One legislator told me that “I’m up to my ears in emails and calls from GGO members” asking him to support Constitutional Carry.

Gossip and whispers rein supreme down at the Capitol, where insider legislators and lobbyists tell me Speaker Ralston is hopping mad that your voice is the loudest at the Capitol.

Remember, in the AJC a couple of weeks back he called you “radical, extreme, special interest”.

That’s why I’m asking you to fire off another round of emails and calls today.

Send a pre-written email to your State Representative encouraging them to cosponsor and publicly support Constitutional Carry.

>>> Click here to send your pre-written email

After you’ve done that, continue lighting those phones up in Speaker Ralston’s office, letting him know you expect to see Constitutional Carry moving and voted on in the House!

>>> Call David Ralston: 404-656-5020

If there’s anything I’ve learned after almost a decade at the Capitol in Atlanta, it’s that the “squeaky wheel gets the grease.”

The anti-gun lobbyists and establishment types who want nothing to do with the Second Amendment but eliminate it or push it aside, are flexing their muscles this year.

That’s why it’s vital we continue making calls, sending emails, and renewing or joining up with GGO for 2019 so we have all the financial resources needed to keep up the fight.

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Thanks in advance for your generous support!

For freedom,

Patrick Parsons
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owner

P.S. Sign your petition to pass Constitutional Carry in Georgia!

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