“Creepy” Casey falls flat

Dear Georgia Gun Owner,

“What’s his problem?!?  Gives me the creeps!”

That’s what one Georgia Gun Owners member yelled to me across the Augusta Convention Center floor during Casey Cagle’s speech Saturday afternoon.

Noticeably rattled by thousands of calls/texts/Facebook messages from GGO supporters insisting he come out in favor of Constitutional Carry, Cagle stumbled through the Second Amendment portion of his speech.

Convention sources report to me that Cagle’s team hurriedly rewrote his speech back stage in an attempt to stem the grassroots outrage from outraged Second Amendment supporters.

But even after the rewrite, he refused to make a pledge to support Constitutional Carry for Georgia.

That’s why I’m asking you to double down and make another call to Cagle’s campaign manager, Scott Binkley, and insist Cagle come out 100% in favor of Constitutional Carry.

Call Cagle’s Campaign Manager  >>> 678-756-4180

Now’s the time to get politicians on record on this issue — not after they’re safely in office.

Cagle has a track record of obstruction and behind the scenes deals when it comes to your Second Amendment rights.

When a politician refuses to say where they stand on specific Second Amendment issues, history tells us they’re hiding something.

Make your call now and keep up the heat!

For freedom,

Patrick Parsons
Georgia Gun Owners