Casey Cagle Feels the Heat, Goes On the Record!

Dear Georgia Gun Owner,

You did it!

Just moments after I stood in front of Casey Cagle’s office with this sign (see below) earlier today, his campaign staff informed me that he would sign the survey by the end of the day.

Cagle now joins Brian Kemp in signing the GGO survey 100%, meaning the next GOP gubernatorial candidate will be on the record regardless of who it is!

Here’s me in front of Cagle’s office this afternoon:

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I can’t tell you how big of an accomplishment this is, nor can I thank you enough for making this all possible.  More on that below.

You see, having both Kemp and Cagle survey 100% means that capitol insiders and Atlanta political elites now understand the ONLY way to win a GOP primary in Georgia is by standing up for the Second Amendment.

Simply put: you either play ball with Georgia Gun Owners’ members or just forget about your political aspirations.

Not only that, but having both candidates on the record gives you and I something that we’ve never had over Governor Deal: leverage over the executive branch.

In the past, smooth-talking politicians would promise gun owners the world during campaign season and then betray us once safely in office.

Not having them on the record meant there was little recourse for gun owners — which is part of the reason why we have seen so little movement in Atlanta in the fight to pass Constitutional Carry.

But having both of these candidates pledge their support in writing gives gun owners the ability to hold either of these two accountable should they betray gun owners in the future!

There is no guarantee in politics, and certainly no guarantee that a politician will keep his campaign promises.

In the short time since word has spread of Cagle signing his survey, my phone and our Facebook page have exploded as gun owners want to know to answer to just one question:

‘Can we absolutely trust Cagle to keep his word to gun owners if elected?’

Of course not.

Can we absolutely trust Brian Kemp to keep his word to gun owners if elected?

Of course not.

But here is a promise you can take to the bank: should a future Cagle administration or Kemp administration ever try to betray gun owners, you and I will have the ammo we need to hold their feet to the fire!

But there is another massive benefit that comes from having both of these candidates on the record, and that is leverage over the legislative branch.

As a supporter of GGO, you know how the game is played in Atlanta as nervous lawmakers kill Constitutional Carry every year.

Chairman Alan Powell blames Speaker David Ralston.

Speaker Ralston blames Chairman Powell.

All of them blame Governor Deal, who has worked behind the scenes for years to make sure that Constitutional Carry never reaches his desk for his signature.

Assuming that either Cagle or Kemp is our next Governor, Speaker Ralston and Chairman Powell will bear ALL of the blame if they kill Constitutional Carry, as the Governor will have already declared his support!

And given the recent embarrassment that Speaker Ralston suffered in the wake of his humiliating effort to unseat our Constitutional Carry champion — Rep. Matt Gurtler — it’s becoming more and more impossible for Speaker Ralston to block this legislation.

Thank you so much for your grassroots activism that made this program possible.

I hope you can see now that signing a candidate survey like this has massive implications on our gun rights down the road, which is why we work so hard to get everyone on the record.

But it’s your calls and emails that are the hammer, reminding would-be lawmakers what awaits them if they refuse to stand up for gun owners!

Of course, we also sent a candidate survey to Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams.

So far she has refused to return it . . . but we know she’s campaigning around the state on tearing apart your Second Amendment rights.

We will have much more on that in the days ahead.

Finally, I hope that if you are not yet a member of Georgia Gun Owners that you will take a moment to click here and become one today.

As you can clearly see, nobody fights harder for gun owners than GGO and no one is more effective!

But we rely exclusively on the support of our members to maintain the fight for gun rights here in Georgia.

If you are already a member and want to make a special contribution to help us continue to run our election season education programs, we would be very grateful.

Thanks again for all of your support!

For freedom,

Patrick Parsons
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners

P.S. Thanks to an overwhelming amount of grassroots firepower, Casey Cagle has signed his GGO gun rights candidate survey 100%.

This means that both Brian Kemp and Casey Cagle are on the record supporting Constitutional Carry — and it means that you and I can hold them accountable should they ever betray gun owners!

Thank you for your activism, it made all the difference.