Can You Ever Really Trust A Politician?

Dear Georgia Gun Owner,

The answer to that question is always, “NO”.

Even when politicians “give you their word” and promise that they’re the second coming of George Washington, still they cannot be trusted.

That’s why the Georgia Gun Owners Candidate Survey program is so important.

By getting candidates on the record on important Second Amendment issues, even if they go back on their word, we have the survey to hold over them and tell voters about.

With just three days before the July 24 run-off, I’m pleased to report that both Republican Governor candidates, Casey Cagle and Brian Kemp, as well as Lt. Gov. candidates Geoff Duncan and David Shafer, filled out our survey 100%.

But can they really be trusted?  Of course not.

What you and I have delivered over the last five months is pressure, pressure, pressure, and a lot of political pain.

Pressure can always be trusted to move the politicians in the direction we want them moved.

Politicians respond to pressure, and those in Georgia know the members and supporters of Georgia Gun Owners bring more pressure and pain than any other grassroots force in the state.

You saw it when Casey Cagle finally relented and filled out our survey.

We hounded him for months, then when the political pressure got to be too much, he folded and filled out the survey . . .

. . . even though everyone at the Capitol knows Cagle battled gun owners for years behind the scenes.


Just by running our extreme pressure candidate survey program, Second Amendment supporters have gained valuable political capital among the politicians in Atlanta.

They all now know and see the pain you can bring.

So when the next session of the General Assembly rolls around in 2019, you can bet they’ll think twice before trying to kill pro-gun legislation like Constitutional Carry.

If they do, they’ll face the wrath of the members and supporters of Georgia Gun Owners.

Many of you have voted already (I did yesterday).

Most of you likely will vote this Tuesday, July 24.

I’m not going to tell you who to vote for — we don’t do that at Georgia Gun Owners.

But I will tell you to review the surveys returned by the candidates below, then go to our website: and review information about candidates we’ve posted for you over the last five months.

Casey Cagle Survey — CLICK HERE

Brian Kemp Survey — CLICK HERE

Geoff Duncan Survey — CLICK HERE

David Shafer Survey — CLICK HERE

After Tuesday, we’ll transition immediately into the general election.

The Democrats have nominated two of the most radical, left-wing gun-grabbers this state has ever seen for Governor and Lt. Governor.

Stacey Abrams and Sarah Riggs Amico are very open about their desire to confiscate, destroy, and ban firearms owned by millions of Georgians.

We’ll highlight their records for you and ask you to pass the information around to family and friends.

For now, take a moment to check out our website if you’ve yet to vote in the July 24 run-off.

But most importantly, always be prepared to put pressure on the politicians.

For freedom,

Patrick Parsons
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners