Breaking: Brian Kemp to Sign Constitutional Carry on Tuesday!

We did it!

Late this afternoon, Brian Kemp’s office announced that the Governor will be signing Constitutional Carry into law at a public signing ceremony this coming Tuesday!

When this happens, Georgia will become the nation’s 25th Constitutional Carry state and the first big-population state on the East Coast to enact this critical legislation.

That’s why I hope you can come out to the signing ceremony on Tuesday to witness this historic event and meet fellow GGO members!

For all the details on the signing ceremony, when Constitutional Carry takes effect, and everything else, I hope you’ll watch this video report that GGO’s Aaron and Alex Dorr produced moments ago.

This is going to be a day that you’ll look back on twenty years from now and remember. It’ll be a day of victory. A day of freedom. A day when ‘We the People’ sent a message that Georgians will always rise to the occasion and fight for our rights!

So if you can, I hope you’ll join us at this special ceremony.

Who: Governor Kemp and GGO Nation
What: Celebrating the signing of Constitutional Carry
When: Tuesday, April 12
Where: Gable’s Sporting Goods, 6250 Fairburn Road, Douglasville, Georgia 30134
What time: 3:30pm, but you should arrive at 3:00pm to be safe

The entire GGO team will be on hand for this historic day and we would love to shake the hands of the relentless patriots who signed emails, sent texts, made phone calls and made generous donations over 10 years to get this done.

This is YOUR victory!

I hope you’ll come out to Douglasville and bask in your hard-won freedom! 

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners