Alan Powell Schedules Gun Control Bill!

State Rep. Alan Powell has just scheduled a hearing tomorrow (February 27, 2018)  at 10 AM on Soros / Bloomberg’s top legislative priority, House Bill 541.

Please take action via email below after you read what I’ve written for you about the bill.

For weeks, Powell has worked behind the scenes to BURY Constitutional Carry, but now at the last second, he’s working to deliver on a silver platter the top wish of anti-gun “Moms Demand Action“.

House Bill 541 deals with domestic violence issues and firearms, always a touchy, controversial subject.

As many of you know, the issue is already covered by federal law, and one bill passed in 1997, the Lautenberg Domestic Gun Ban, has disarmed millions, including many women, according to Gun Owners of America.

One such case was of a father who received a misdemeanor conviction for spanking his child:

“The father was going through an ugly divorce several years ago. On one occasion, his estranged wife, with the encouragement of her mother, reported the man to the police for child abuse. The man had spanked his daughter with an open hand on the buttocks. After a nasty court battle, the man finally accepted a domestic violence misdemeanor conviction.”

HB 541 goes even further, requiring the turning over of firearms to an FFL within 24 hours of conviction.

That means you can’t give them to family.  You have to turn them over, potentially forever.

This is dangerous to say the least, and would likely lead to a slippery slope in the years ahead, where something as simple as an accusation could force you to turn over your firearms with virtually no legal recourse to get them back.

I need you to contact the Republican members of the Public Safety Commitee at once.

I’ve prepared a pre-written email for you to send below.  Just click on the picture below, add whatever you comments you like, and send your email.

Powell has already betrayed gun owners this session by refusing to bring Constitutional Carry before his committee.

But now he’s locked arms with anti-gun witch Mary Margaret Oliver and the gun-grabbers, doing Soros / Bloomberg’s anti-gun bidding.

Send your email right now, and don’t let up.

After you’ve done that, please consider chipping in $10 or $20 to help us keep the heat up on Powell and the gun-grabbers.

Thanks — in advance — for your support.

For freedom,

Patrick Parsons
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners