You Need to Call These 2 Numbers ASAP!

Aaron asked me to get this email out to you right away this morning.

Since our email blast yesterday, many of you have been emailing, calling, and texting, asking how you can get in touch with Chuck Efstration and Speaker Burns.

Here’s their contact information.

House Majority Leader Chuck Efstration
Tel: 404-656-5052

Speaker Jon Burns.
Tel: 404-656-5020

Please read the email below for the bigger picture, but I’ll summarize in 3 bullet points.

  • Joe Biden is unhinged, passing tyrannical rule changes and Executive Orders destroying our Second Amendment.
  • HB-1009 effectively neuters Joe Biden in the state of Georgia, taking away his badly needed use of our police officers to enforce his gun control, leaving us in relative peace.
  • Chuck Efstration and Jon Burns are STALLING this legislation from coming to a vote, and they cannot tell anyone why.

So call their offices right away, and tell them to stop sitting on the benches and start FIGHTING FOR GEORGIANS!


Dear Fellow Patriot,

I’ll get right to it.

We are running out of time to pass the Second Amendment Preservation Act here in Atlanta, and leadership in the House seems to be quite content with running out the clock.

GGO Nation needs to take action AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

For generations, gun owners here in Georgia (or any other red state) could watch the discussion about gun control in blue states or Congress with some degree of disinterest.

After all, thanks to GGO we have Stand-Your-Ground law, ‘Shall Issue’ concealed carry permits, and Constitutional Carry law!

But we are entering a point in this country where the solid gun laws that we’ve passed here in Atlanta may not matter as our President is acting like a dictator, steamrolling the states.

This isn’t hyperbole.

America hasn’t had a President who trampled on states’ rights like this since the 1860’s.

Biden attacks our gun rights with Executive Orders, bypassing Congress.

Biden attacks our gun rights by import/export bans, bypassing Congress.

Biden attacks our gun rights by redefining what a firearm (and a firearms dealer) are in the National Firearms Act.

And the worst part of this is that, right now, Georgia cops are required to enforce Biden’s heavy-handed dictates because Georgia doesn’t have the Second Amendment Preservation Act.

(GGO’s lobby presence plus non-stop pressure from our members have made GA a great state for gun owners. But Biden doesn’t care about state laws!)

The good news is that thanks to GGO’s lobbying program in Atlanta and your grassroots pressure, a growing number of State Representatives have cosponsored SAPA (HB-1009)!

The bad news is that House Majority Leader Chuck Efstration has refused to refer the bill to a committee, greatly harming the chances of this bill moving through the House in time.

That’s why it’s vital that you immediately sign the petitions that we’ve prepared for you.


As you’ll see, these petitions are to Speaker Burns and Majority Leader Efstration, demanding that they stop sitting on this legislation and get it through committee as soon as possible.

SAPA has been a good goal for the last two years.

But with Biden spiraling out of control, it’s now a MUST-DO!

SAPA is simple. It asserts the age-old ‘anti-commandeering doctrine’ and tells Joe Biden that Georgia is a sovereign state, governed by our own constitution and that he may not force our cops to carry out his federal gun control laws.

Specifically, SAPA law would instruct Georgia cops to enforce Georgia laws when it comes to firearms, ammo, and accessories (like a pistol brace) ignoring federal gun laws altogether.

But while SAPA is simple, the ramifications are MASSIVE!

You see, by denying Joe Biden the use of our cops, his gun control agenda will fall flat here in Georgia! Biden can pass gun control through Congress all he wants — but Georgia troopers, deputies, and cops will not enforce it!

Sounds too good to be true?

It’s not.

The United States Supreme Court has repeatedly upheld the states’ right to refuse to aid in the enforcement of federal laws, regulations, or treaties that they disagree with.

Some of those cases include: Prigg v Pennsylvania, Printz v United States, NFIB v Sebelius, Murphy v NCAA, and New York v United States. 

In each case, the Court has said that the states are free to assist the federal government if they want to, but they cannot be forced into doing so by an enraged President.

So while Biden can order federal agencies to enforce federal gun control laws here in Georgia, they can’t use our cops to do it. And that means they will go largely unenforced! 

Please, sign your petition now so Speaker Burns and Majority Leader Efstration know you are demanding they move SAPA through for a vote!


But SAPA does more than just protect gun owners.

SAPA also protects Georgia’s cops.

Having met hundreds of cops across the state while I lobby the legislature, work a booth at a gun show, or attend public events, I know that most Georgia cops are 100% pro-gun.

And right now, these cops are scared.

If they are ordered to enforce a gun control mandate from Joe Biden, they currently have two options: break their oath of office and enforce the order or refuse and get fired.

That’s why front-line cops love HB-1009: they know that when we pass this, they will be protected from a liberal department head who wants them to enforce federal gun control laws. 

So the Second Amendment Preservation Act is constitutional, is backed up by tremendous Supreme Court precedent, protects gun owners and cops, and has the support of dozens of lawmakers!

But for SAPA to protect anyone here in Georgia, Speaker Burns and Majority Leader Efstration need to do their jobs, fast.

So please sign the petition that we have prepared for you immediately.


After you’ve signed your petition, you’ll be given an opportunity to donate, and I hope you’ll do so right away!

Georgia Gun Owners is running a full-court press right now, trying to flood the legislature with calls and emailss demanding action on SAPA legislation.

We’re using digital ads in targeted districts, which allows gun owners to get the details on the fight for SAPA in Atlanta at the cost of only a few pennies per view!

These ads give contact information on Speaker Burns and Majority Leader Efstration, cranking up the heat!

We are also using our texting program to mobilize gun owners. We’ve found that few things are more effective at putting pressure on politicians in their districts than a text-based campaign.

(The cost per engagement is very affordable, too.)

And we’re using direct mail and mass email alerts as well because they can’t be censored by Big Tech the way so many other systems can be these days.

But with everything that Georgia Gun Owners is dealing with right now, we are counting on your financial support to be able to continue running the mobilization plan I laid out above.

And that’s why I hope you’ll consider a donation of $100 or even $250 after you sign your petition.

I know that’s asking a lot. But the stakes couldn’t be higher. We need to pass SAPA before it’s too late!

So if $100 just isn’t possible, please consider $75, $50 or at least $25 to help us fight back!

This is Georgia! We are not an appendage of the federal government, and our cops are not an arm of Biden’s Department of InJustice! We must pass SAPA to defend our gun rights.

And that starts with Speaker Burns and Majority Leader Efstration moving the bill! Take action TODAY!

For Georgia,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners

P.S. The solid gun laws that we live under here in Georgia don’t matter if Joe Biden continues to shred the idea of state sovereignty, ordering GA cops to enforce unconstitutional executive orders!

The legislature must pass HB-1009, the Second Amendment Preservation Act, ensuring that Georgia cops are only required to enforce Georgia’s gun laws. But it’s being held up in the House.

Please sign your petition to Speaker Burns and Majority Leader Efstration right away, demanding they move HB-1009 through committee!


When you’re done, please consider a gift of $100, $75, $50, or just $25 to help us fight for you in Atlanta!