VIDEO: Twenty-One States, But Not Georgia!

Gun owners all over America are celebrating Constitutional Carry these days, with five more states joining the freedom club this year alone.

Georgia Gun Owners has been leading this fight for years, but Georgians are being held back because Speaker of the House David Ralston is AN ENEMY TO GUN OWNERS!

Ralston has conspired with Staci Abrams and the radical left for years and has CRUSHED Constitutional Carry repeatedly.

Next session may be our last chance at passing Constitutional Carry, as there is absolutely NO GUARANTEE that the Governor’s mansion and our legislature will remain in ‘pro-gun’ hands after next year’s elections.

And Georgia Gun Owners will damm sure not just sit back and hope for the best: we’re going to be coming after legislative moderates and Brian Kemp with everything we’ve got until they pass Constitutional Carry.

That’s why GGO has just released this digital ad entitled “Enemy to Gun Owners!” Check it out here!

Now that you’ve seen this ad, please help us start ramping up the grassroots pressure for Constitutional Carry now, so that when session resumes, the pressure is WHITE HOT!

First, make a donation to help GGO get this ad in front of hundreds of thousands of gun owners through our digital and email programs, so that David Ralston hears from gun owners.

Second, sign your petition in support of Constitutional Carry so that the politicians in Atlanta know exactly what you expect of them next session.

Third, share this video with every gun owner you know so that the word gets out about who is really blocking Constitutional Carry in Atlanta!

Pro-gun lawmakers in states all over America have fought for gun owners in their states, securing freedoms like Constitutional Carry, SAPA legislation and much more.

It’s high time that the politicians in Atlanta do the same thing…or look for another job!

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners

P.S. While almost half of America now enjoys Constitutional Carry law as FIVE MORE STATES passed it into law this year, Georgia Speaker of the House David Ralston has killed it in Atlanta for years!

That’s why GGO has released this vicious digital ad, to make sure that gun owners in Ralston’s district and the rest of the state know that David Ralston is an enemy to gun owners!

Donate to help GGO run this ad digitally and on the radio.

Sign your petition in support of Constitutional Carry law.