Victory: Charlice Byrd Wins in House District 20!

Gun owners in Cherokee County know that Charlice Byrd has been a champion for gun owners for a long time.

From her long-time work to make Georgia a Constitutional Carry state to her support for the Second Amendment Preservation Act, Charlice has always fought for gun owners.

That’s why we were not surprised when Byrd signed her GGO candidate survey 100% pro-gun. We were simply asking her to confirm who she’s always been, a gun rights leader.

Speaker Ralston doesn’t like Byrd, because she fights for gun owners. That’s why he had her primaried this cycle.

But we’re pleased to report that Charlice Byrd has just officially won her Republican Party primary, and, given the makeup of this district, should easily win in the fall!

GGO worked hard to educate gun owners in this district using a combination of targeted email, social media efforts, our texting program, and our infamous ‘WhiteBoard Videos’ — which were seen by almost 30,000 voters!

Lots of organizations like to throw out a sham endorsement meme when they know a candidate is likely to win. Pathetic.

Georgia Gun Owners takes our job of educating gun owners and exposing anti-gun RINOs very seriously, and we’re proud to have reached so many gun owners in this district.

But this was only possible because of the support of GGO members like you. Every text we sent, every boost we ran on our videos, every email we sent was paid for by a member of GGO nation.

On behalf of the board, thank you for your generosity.

But with the primary behind us, the General Election is coming fast. And GGO needs to recapitalize, fast, to expose Socialist Stacey Abrams and anti-gun legislative candidates, too.

Help us hold the line this fall — please make a generous donation right away!

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners