This Law Keeps Biden from Attacking Gun Owners in Georgia!

Last week, the Ohio House Government Oversight Committee advanced the Second Amendment Preservation Act (SAPA) through committee by a party line vote of 7-4.

Even better, the Speaker of the House just announced a date for the floor vote meaning SAPA is rocking and rolling in Ohio!

Following on the heels of Missouri’s ground-breaking legislation, SAPA is spreading across ‘red’ states.

I don’t know about you, but I think it’s HIGH TIME that the Georgia General Assembly stops locking SAPA down in committee and defends gun owners here in Georgia from Joe Biden!


SAPA law is simple: it says that Georgia cops are to enforce Georgia laws when it comes to firearms, ammunition, and accessories.

In other words, if Biden wants to have his unconstitutional Executive Orders against our gun rights enforced here in Georgia — he’d need to use federal authorities to do it!

And that’s a problem for Biden…he doesn’t have the manpower.

This is simply the 10th Amendment applied. Georgia is a sovereign state. Biden can’t force us to carry out his agenda.

Passing SAPA — peacefully refusing to help Joe Biden enforce gun control — is the single most important thing the General Assembly can do to defend Georgians right now.


You see, if we don’t take away the manpower that Biden has been using to enforce his Executive Orders, at a certain point, it won’t matter how many gun bills we pass into law in Atlanta…

…because we’ll end up being the mere pawns of the federal government.

Our Founding Fathers gave us the 10th Amendment because they knew that at some point the federal government would go full-blown tyrannical, and the states needed their own sovereignty.

We’ve got it. Now it’s time the legislature uses it.

Session begins soon!

So please sign your petition urging your State Senator and State Representative to support the Second Amendment Preservation Act


After you’ve signed your petition, please consider a donation to help Georgia Gun Owners mobilize an army of gun owners across the state!

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners