This Is NOT A Drill – Take Action!

Capitol insiders tell me Georgia Republican State Rep. Christian Coomer (pictured above) from Cartersville has laid the framework for a massive NEW mental health mandate here in our state.

This is dangerous, to say the least.

Coomer’s House Bill 999 was introduced just last week in response to the national “WE NEED GUN CONTROL” hysteria after the Parkland shooting.


It’s worth saying over and over again that multiple layers of government failed in Florida — to think that MORE government will solve the problem is foolish.

Back to House Bill 999 . . .

The law in Georgia today is that after FIVE years, mental health records are scrubbed from the Georgia Crime Information Center Database.

Coomer’s bill would allow for an extension of this five-year period if a probate court jude determines there is “clear and convincing evidence” that the individual is a danger.

However, the gun-grabbers and various government special interests say this isn’t enough.

In fact, one of those insiders says that “we understand the bill is evolving so we are evolving with it.”

And according to the AJC, the director of the GBI wants names to stay in the database PERMANENTLY!

Today is Day 27 of 40 of the Georgia General Assembly.  Wednesday is Day 28 (Crossover Day), the day at which all legislation has to pass one house or another to stay alive.


Action on HB 999 could come quickly, and because of the fast pace at which legislation moves, this bill could get loaded up with the gun-grabbers’ wish list, and virtually no one except the bill author knows what’s in the bill.

Permanently storing mental health records in a government database can (and has done so in the past) ban someone from exercising Second Amendment rights FOR LIFE.

Please contact State Rep. Christian Coomer RIGHT NOW and tell him you are OPPOSED to all legislative attempts to expand mental health databases in Georgia:

Call Christian Coomer >>> 404-656-5024

No one wants a mad man with a gun like we saw in Florida two weeks ago.

But the evidence is clear that government failed.  Expanding mental health databases won’t make us safer, because they’ll fail again.

Second Amendment supporters must resist ALL schemes to DISARM millions of Americans permanently with new “mental health” mandates and databases.

Please take action AT ONCE by making your call to Rep. Coomer — I’ll be sure to keep you updated on all the latest developments.

To help GGO keep up the fight to protect your Second Amendment rights, please click here and chip in $10, $20 or whatever you can afford.

For freedom,

Patrick Parsons
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners