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On Monday night last week, the federal government was begging the public to help them find an F35 fighter jet that they lost somewhere on the coast of South Carolina.

The following morning, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were standing at a press conference lecturing Americans on “gun safety” by announcing the creation of a new federal department called the “Office of Gun Violence Prevention.”

The Democrats never waste a single minute worrying about preserving their “political capital” or “keeping their powder dry.” They are constantly moving the ball down the field towards their end zone.

And “end zone” couldn’t be more appropriately named when it comes to their plans for our gun rights.

When they get enough votes in a Congressional chamber, they call the votes and pass things like federal ‘Red Flag’ laws, universal gun registration, “assault weapon” bans, even if they know they don’t have enough votes to get it passed in the other chamber.

The reason they do this is simple: they are fighting for their worldview; they are advancing their agenda and they are giving the outside groups that support them the opportunity to mobilize and assist them.

Another reason why they do this is because they do not care at all about what “our side” thinks about them, and they have utter contempt for the idea of a “social compact” where we have to peacefully coexist with the other side.

The Communist Left wants to RULE over this nation, and the principles of freedom and liberty be damned.

And I hate to say it but look around you: they are winning the culture war.

So now, as of this week, the Left is now officially using our tax dollars to pay the salary of America’s worst gun-control militants to work against our freedoms full-time, and with the backing of the US Government.

To assist them in their mission to destroy the 2A, they’ve hired Greg Jackson and Rob Wilcox as the directors of this new federal office.

Jackson was the executive director of the “Community Justice Action Fund,” a leftwing community advocacy organization with a three-pillar outreach program that includes defunding the police.

Rob Wilcox, the senior director for federal affairs at Michael Bloomberg’s “Everytown for Gun Safety,” used to work at the Brady Campaign before Bloomberg recruited him, served on the board of New Yorkers for Gun Control and made a living as a lawyer suing gun manufacturers when a criminal used branded firearms.

Hiring people like Jackson and Wilcox is a declaration of war on the 2nd Amendment.

So what do Republicans do when the ball is in their court?

Republicans do the exact opposite as the Democrats, and for far too long we’ve let them get away with it.

These Republicans are easy to spot because they’re always rolling excuses off their tongues for doing nothing:

“Now isn’t the right time.” “There’s no point in doing that now because we don’t have a big enough majority.” “Why would we do that when we don’t control the Senate?”

Or how about these: “Republicans need to conserve our political capital for when we control Congress and the White House!” “I’m focused on my committee assignments and I’m too busy with other things.”

Or my favorite: “I’m keeping my powder dry.”

Many of these Republicans still believe it is 1995 and we can still “get along” with the radicalized Democrats.

Others are total buffoons who haven’t “fired a shot” in their entire political careers, and only used “public service” as a way to promote themselves and their own checkbooks at the expense of our country.

But Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz is not one of them, which is why he is the bill sponsor Georgia Gun Owners and our national affiliate, the American Firearms Association, approached to sponsor our bill to ABOLISH the corrupt ATF.

I’m proud to announce that some of the best pro-gun Republican members of Congress are already a cosponsor of this bill:

Andy Biggs – Arizona
Barry Moore – Alabama
Thomas Massie – Kentucky, 2A caucus chairman
Lauren Boebert – Colorado, 2A caucus vice-chair
Eric Burlison – Missouri, Repeal NFA sponsor
Paul Gosar – Arizona
Mary Miller – Illinois
Cory Mills – Florida
Mike Collins – Georgia

But sadly, only one of Georgia’s Republican Congressional delegation has joined these great Americans to cosponsor Matt Gaetz’ bill.

There is no reasonable excuse for them not to be.

The ATF under the Department of Injustice is deeply engaged in an effort to implement gun-control through rule changes and the implementation of executive orders in a deliberate attempt to bypass Congress.

Earlier this year the ATF’s “pistol brace” ruling made de facto FELONS out of millions of American gun owners who purchased their braced firearms lawfully.

This is the same ATF that was caught during the Obama/Eric Holder years selling guns to Mexican drug cartels that resulted in US Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry getting murdered.

It is the same ATF that right now is attempting to redefine what a “firearms dealer” is in order to try to implement a national universal gun registration scheme by making every private seller be classified a firearms dealer.

Georgia’s Republican congressmembers are not “too busy.” Their committee assignments are not “too time consuming.” Their committee chairmanships are not “too important.”

It takes nine seconds for them to give their chief of staff the order:

“contact Congressman Matt Gaetz’ office and tell them to put me on as a cosponsor for his fabulous bill to eliminate the corrupt ATF. They have become too lawless to reform, so they must be abolished.”

If you or I were in Congress, this would be a no-brainer and it would’ve been done already. But we aren’t.

They are.

And they are not doing the job they were elected to do, and they are not doing the job that needs to be done.

And they need to be.

That’s why I’m asking you to take a moment to click the link below to contact them immediately and insist they cosponsor Matt Gaetz’ HR374 to ABOLISH the ATF!

I’ve already pre-written the email for you. All you need to do is fill out your info, click submit, and you’re DONE.

I’ve seen in the past where in response to your email you will often get an email from a staffer “thanking” you for contacting them, assuring you that they are fighting like King Leonidis for whatever they think you want them to fight like King Leonidis for, and then refusing to commit.

So be prepared for that.

But if you DO get an email response from them saying that they will be cosponsoring the bill, would you mind forwarding that on to me?

The time to stand up and fight was ten years ago, and people who refuse to stand up and fight now are enabling the Communists and their agenda to take over America.

Don’t let them get away with doing nothing any longer – email them right now and tell them to do their jobs or get a new line of work.

At a time in American history when the President almost DAILY attacks our 2nd Amendment, this is the bare minimum they should do.

I’ll be honest with you, Madelyn. Sometimes I wish it was you or me that was in Congress instead of most of the jokers in there today.

But I am dang proud and happy as hell to have you standing with us and this organization.

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners

P.S. I hate to always ask, but as a member-funded organization, your donation of $25 does a heck of a lot to help us bulldog this fight and force these politicians to at least point in the right direction.

Your support means a lot, and I’m thankful for it.