Happy Thanksgiving from Georgia Gun Owners!

Happy Thanksgiving from Georgia Gun Owners!

We certainly have much to be thankful for here in Georgia, where our gun rights are concerned.

GGO members defeated every gun control bill that was filed in Atlanta this year and made sure that Rep. Bob Trammell’s  effort to repeal our beloved Stand-Your-Ground law fell flat on its face, too.

And while Speaker Ralston shut down Constitutional Carry legislation this year, through your activism we’ve ensured that this issue remains one of the top issues in Georgia politics!

And despite being directly targeted by millions of dollars of gun control ads from Michael Bloomberg, neither chamber of the Georgia legislature ‘flipped’ on election night. 

More than that, House Minority Leader Bob Trammell, who lead the charge to repeal Georgia’s Stand-Your-Ground law, was defeated by gun owners who were fed up with his attacks on the Second Amendment!

None of this would have happened with you.

It’s your activism that defeated all of the gun control bills that were filed in Atlanta this year.

It’s your activism that lead to the defeat of so many anti-gun candidates who support gun control here in Georgia.

And it’s your financial support that allowed Georgia Gun Owners to expose these gun grabbers and lead the charge for the Second Amendment in Georgia!

You see, what I’m truly thankful for today (where our Second Amendment freedoms are concerned) are the members and supporters of Georgia Gun Owners — a ferocious group of grassroots patriots ready to defend freedom at a moment’s notice!

But with both of Georgia’s Senate races headed to a January 5th runoff — with control of the United States Senate hanging in the balance — now is not the time to sit on the sidelines.

So please enjoy time with your family and friends today, but please also re-commit yourself to the fight for the Second Amendment by renewing your membership for 2021!

Remember all membership renewals of $75 or higher come with a Georgia Gun Owners T-Shirt, and we’ll ship it to you absolutely free!

For Freedom,

Patrick Parsons
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners  

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving from Georgia Gun Owners! Thank you for standing with us in defense of our gun rights in 2020!

We hope that you have a wonderful weekend spending time with your family and friends during this Thanksgiving season.

But with Joe Biden likely headed into the White House in January, our Second Amendment rights will be under attack like never before.

Please make sure that you have renewed your membership for 2021 right away!