Breaking: New Bill Bans Bulk Ammo Sales!

Joe Biden wants to disarm all of us.

But that’s not going to happen overnight.

So in the meantime, Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) just filed a brand new bill in the United States Senate that would effectively disarm all of us –- by banning ‘bulk’ ammo sales!

This bill isn’t just for show.

Warren and Biden are taking identical legislation that is on the books in New York State and California and are trying to apply it to the entire country.

The ramifications of this legislation are terrifying.


The exact language of S. 3223 hasn’t been made public, but our sneak peak makes it pretty clear that this bill would:

  • Put you in federal prison for the ‘crime’ of buying ammo in ‘bulk!’ Biden wants to limit us to buying 20-50 rounds of ammo per transaction, and we all know why.
  • Put you in federal prison for the ‘crime’ of buying ammo without going through a background check! In other words, the feds would know exactly how much ammo you have.
  • Put you in federal prison for the ‘crime’ of buying a box of ammo for a friend! So if you gave your friend a box of 12 ga shells to go hunting, you’d be a ‘straw purchaser.’
  • Put every ammo purchase you ever make into a federal database! This is the kind of database that tyrants have wanted to build for a long time, but didn’t dare admit it.


The purpose of this legislation couldn’t be any clearer: the federal government wants to leave the American people helpless to resist them should they ever become fully tyrannical.

These old, angry, geriatrics are hell bent on turning America into the next Venezuela — where the government is free to terrorize and attack their citizens with no fear of recourse.

We can’t let that happen!

Stand with us. Sign your petition opposing S. 3223 so that our Congressional delegation knows that gun owners expect them to ‘VOTE NO’ on this bill or any other bill that disarms us!


With the elections already coming into view, we may be able to stop this bill with enough grassroots pressure.

So sign your petition immediately, and then help us mobilize more gun owners by chipping in $10, $17.76 or $25 TODAY!

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners