Breaking: GGO Fighting for SAPA Law in Court!

With Joe Biden coming after our gun rights with Executive Orders and the worst legislation Americans have ever seen, the Second Amendment Preservation Act (SAPA) has become a TOP PRIORITY for gun owners in Georgia.

GGO’s SAPA legislation would require Georgia cops to enforce Georgia laws when it comes to firearms, ammunition, and accessories. In other words, Georgia cops would have NO PART in enforcing federal gun control laws or Executive Orders.

Sounds simple, right?

The truth is that SAPA legislation has massive ramifications because the majority of federal laws (and Executive Orders) are enforced by local agencies. The federal government simply lacks the manpower to do it themselves.

By denying Joe Biden the support of in-state agencies to enforce his tyrannical gun control agenda, any laws (or Executive Orders) that he can get passed through Congress will simply go unenforced! 

Recently, the Missouri Firearms Coalition (a sister organization of Georgia Gun Owners) passed the nation’s leading SAPA legislation into law. Missouri’s SAPA law requires Missouri cops to enforce Missouri laws, but it also has a penalty clause built into it.

If any law enforcement agency violates SAPA law (like the Atlanta PD would try to do when Georgia passes SAPA) and enforces federal gun control laws, the impacted gun owner could take that agency to civil court for damages that start at $50,000!

This makes Missouri’s SAPA law the best of its kind, and that’s why Joe Biden has ordered the Department of Injustice to try to block SAPA in court in Missouri!

Biden and his team know that if they can get a judge to strike SAPA down, it will not spread. On the other hand, if the judge upholds Missouri’s SAPA law, it will serve as a roadmap for states like Georgia to follow and SAPA will EXPLODE across the nation!

That’s why the Board of Directors for Georgia Gun Owners has decided to prepare an Amicus Brief in the case in Missouri, petitioning the court to uphold the state’s SAPA law!


Georgia Gun Owners has spent much of the summer meeting with lawmakers and working to make sure that the SAPA legislation we will have filed next session is perfect.

But the reality is that should the federal government succeed in getting a judge to overturn Missouri’s SAPA law, the moderates in Atlanta will use that to mount a whisper campaign against our push for SAPA legislation here in Georgia!

 You see, this is EXACTLY what the Department of Injustice wants.

They hope to crush SAPA law in Missouri, to contain its spread.

Political momentum works both ways. When GGO was founded, there were only two states that had Constitutional Carry law, now there are twenty-one! Now, we need to do the same thing with SAPA. And that starts with preserving the law on the books in Missouri.

That’s why it’s critical that Georgia Gun Owners joins the fight to protect SAPA in Missouri, to make sure that we are in the best position possible to advance SAPA here in Atlanta.


To be clear, the states are sovereign entities that have an absolute right to pass laws that they believe are in the best interest of their citizens.

More, they have an absolute right under the United States Constitution, to refuse to enforce federal laws or regulation that run contrary to state law.

This has been adjudicated in the Supreme Court repeatedly in cases like Murphy v NCAA, New York v United States, Printz v United States, Prigg v Pennsylvania, and NFIB v Sebelius.

In each of these cases, the federal government was trying to force the states to implement or enforce a federal law or federal regulation that the states did not agree to. And in each case, the Court upheld the states’ right to refuse to comply!

So this is a case that we think we can win! That’s why I hope you’ll help us fund our legal defense of SAPA in Missouri, so we can get to the business of passing SAPA here in Georgia!


Our country is on a precipice.

The radical leftists who hate our country are doing everything they can to destroy the idea of ‘the consent of the governed’ and turn America into a tyrannical cesspool of corruption and absolutism.

But to do that, they need to disarm all of us, first. But the Second Amendment Preservation Act is standing right smack dab in the middle of their plans. That’s why Joe Biden hates it. And that’s why I hope you’ll help us defend it.

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For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners

P.S. The Second Amendment Preservation Act (SAPA) is the only way to make sure that Biden’s war on gun owners falls flat on its face, by requiring Georgia cops to enforce Georgia gun laws, ignoring federal gun control.

Missouri passed the best SAPA law in the country earlier this year, and now Joe Biden has told the Department of Injustice to do everything they can to crush SAPA in court in Missouri!

If SAPA falls in Missouri, it will give the moderates in Atlanta the ammo they need to attack the bill behind closed doors when session resumes.

That’s why Georgia Gun Owners is going to court in Missouri, filing Amicus Briefs in defense of this critical legislation, to make sure that we don’t lose momentum for SAPA here in Georgia!


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