😡 Biden Demands $2 BILLION for ATF!

Joe Biden has just requested $2 billion in funding for the ATF!

We say “HELL NO!”

Because of their non-stop attacks on our 2A rights, the ONLY acceptable outcome for the ATF is for it to be ABOLISHED!

That’s why we’re working closely with Matt Gaetz, lead sponsor of the ABOLISH THE ATF Act (H.R. 374), to push Congress to get rid of the ATF entirely.

In years past, gun owners wanted to ‘reform’ the ATF.

Those days are over.

These days, if a Republican candidate for Congress is asked the question if they support ABOLISHING THE ATF, and say NO, they get roasted by their constituents!

The bill is on the move, and it has a growing number of co-sponsors from all over the country. But except for Mike Collins, none of the rest of Georgia’s Republican delegation has bothered to co-sponsor the bill.

Please sign your official petition, urging your Congressman to support Congressman Matt Gaetz’s ABOLISH THE ATF ACT today!

After you’ve signed your petition, please chip in $10 or $20 to help fund our digital ad campaigns urging grassroots gun owners — and our Congressional Republicans — to support H.R. 374!

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners