Breaking…David Chipman’s Nomination is Dead!

David Chipman, the thuggish piece of filth who was drooling over the idea of running the ATF, has been crushed by the very same gun owners who he had hoped to terrorize!

Congratulations to every single gun owner who called and emailed Senators Warnock and Ossoff and reminded them what would happen if they voted to advance this would-be bully! You destroyed this tyrant!

Chipman wanted to use ATF SWAT teams to confiscate your AR-15’s. He wanted to use ‘Red Flag’ laws to break down your door and seize the rest of your firearms before you’ve been convicted of a crime. And he wanted to register every gun owner in America through a federal database.

You see, people like David Chipman are exactly why our Founding Fathers codified our God-given right to keep and bear arms in the Constitution in the first place!

But now we need to recapitalize for the next fight. Please make a generous donation right away!


Any time we work to mobilize legions of gun owners into taking action at this level, it’s expensive. Using our massive email program, digital ads, web ads, and our uncensorable direct mail gets expensive fast.

But it’s these very tools — that no other organization in the state could even afford — that allow us to hammer on politicians and make them do the right thing!

This is what sets Georgia Gun Owners and our wonderful members apart from everyone else. We’re in this fight to win. We play for keeps. We punch hard. And you guys give us the resources we need to make it all happen! 

But there are massive fights ahead.

H.R. 4953 was just assigned to committee by Nancy Pelosi. A new ATF nominee will be named shortly. And ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ are still gaining ground in both parties in D.C.


Thank you, again, to everyone who helped us defeat this little tyrant. While Biden and Pelosi want you to think that no one can stop their freedom shredding agenda, you just proved them wrong!

Well done!

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners

P.S. After he took a 5 month long beating from gun owners across this great country, David Chipman’s nomination to run the ATF was OFFICIALLY WITHDRAWN by the White House earlier today!

Make no mistake, it was your calls, your emails, and your petitions that made this happen.

But it was expensive. And now we need to rebuild our war chest, so that we can continue to hammer away at the massive gun control agenda being pushed in Washington!


Please make a generous donation right away.