Video Update: SAPA Law vs Resolutions

Even though we are months away from the start of the 2022 legislative session here in Georgia, GGO is hard at work meeting with lawmakers and explaining our Second Amendment Preservation Act (SAPA) legislation.

This bill should have passed last session but didn’t. And with Joe Biden already using Executive Actions to attack the Second Amendment, there’s no time to lose.

But some politicians in Georgia are already hoping that they can sneak a SAPA resolution into law next year — and avoid the real fight over SAPA law.

To learn how to spot a phony SAPA bill, and to learn the three MUST HAVE’s that SAPA simply must contain, watch our video report here or by clicking below.

As you just heard, without these three components, gun owners will have no defense against Joe Biden’s tyranny — while politicians will take their actions on these resolutions and ride them into their next reelection! 

Help us pass real SAPA legislation in Atlanta next session, by:

>>>  Signing your petition calling for SAPA law, not a meaningless resolution;

>>>  Sharing this video with every gun owner in the state, so they can learn to spot phony SAPA law;

>>>  Making a donation so that Georgia Gun Owners can educate and activate our army of gun owners in time for the upcoming legislative session.

Politicians love to talk the talk for gun rights, especially with an election on the horizon. Don’t fall for it. With Joe Biden in the White House, this is not a drill.

Take action in support of the Second Amendment Preservation Act NOW!

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners

P.S. The Second Amendment Preservation Act is spreading across the state and country right now. But there are plenty of fake and imitation bills that masquerade as SAPA but provide no protections to gun owners.

Learn to spot phony legislation — and the phony politicians who are trying to fool gun owners with it — by watching our video report here!

>>> Sign your petition support real SAPA law here! <<<

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