Ossoff goes DOWN!

Dear Georgia Gun Owner,

If it walks like a gun-grabber and talks like a gun-grabber, it must be a gun-grabber! 

For months, Jon Ossoff did everything he could to hide his anti-gun beliefs.

He used left-wing catch phrases like “gun safety” and “responsible gun laws” to dodge the issue.

The problem for Ossoff was that his donors, his supporters, and left-wingers he worked with for years all HATE your Second Amendment rights.

Ossoff is, was, and will always be a GUN-GRABBER.

Starting three weeks ago (May 31), our GGO staff used highly sophisticated (and very expensive) advertising techniques to target identified Second Amendment supporters in the 6th Congressional District.

We made sure those identified Second Amendment supporters saw our ad showing Ossoff as a gun-grabber.

Thanks to the generous financial support of our Georgia Gun Owners members, we were able to pay for our ad to be seen by more than 281,000 before election day.

This was a major showdown battle between left-wing anti-gunners in DC and you, our GGO members and supporters.

Thank you for all your generous support in this effort.

We have significant state level battles facing us in the coming months leading into 2018.

As always, stay active, stay mobilized, stay involved.

For freedom,

Patrick Parsons
Georgia Gun Owners