Not guilty, not ashamed, and no share of the blame

It would be easy to sit back in the aftermath of Florida and let the gun-grabbers lie repeatedly without interruption about our Second Amendment rights.

But you know that’s not who we are here at Georgia Gun Owners.

We’ve taken to social media, mail, email and in the halls of the Capitol in Atlanta to combat the disinformation being spewed throughout the Fake News media and on the internet.

In other words, we’re on offense, not defense, and we’re not guilty, not ashamed, and hold no share of the blame for what happened in Florida.

After watching the last few days of Soros-funded mouthpieces attacking our rights, it should be more clear to you that if they EVER get the votes, your firearms will be confiscated and destroyed.

And the Second Amendment will get shredded.

It’s important that when talking to friends, family, neighbors and our legislators, you and I are clear about this main point . . .

Despite claims that “gun control” protects Americans, it’s 100% not true, and the Florida shooting proves that.

1. The shooting occurred in a federally-created “gun free zone”.

2. Guns were “banned” at the school.

3. The FBI was alerted to the shooter and his desires on TWO occasions, and have admitted they failed in following up properly.

4. Local government authorities visited the shooter’s home 39 times responding to domestic issues since 2010.

5. The shooter passed a FBI government background check when purchasing the firearm used.

The theme here is a failure of government, which we know to be common virtually all the time.

Yet the politicians, some even on the Republican side, say we need more government to make sure this doesn’t happen.

We call BULL on that here at Georgia Gun Owners.

No amount of government control short of a totalitarian dictatorship could have stopped this killer.

That’s why when we hear calls for more gun control, they should be rejected immediately.

What you’re likely to hear in the coming days are calls to pass Feinstein’s “NICS FIX” Bill, designed to “beef up” government databases and put more names of Americans on lists who would be banned from owning, buying or possessing firearms.

This will be pushed under the guise of “mental health” legislation.

Even if the President of the United States comes out in support of a version of this, gun owners should actively oppose such expansion of federal databases that we’ve seen clear evidence of not working, and banning people from carrying or owning firearms who shouldn’t be banned.

Here in Georgia, we remain on offense, insisting Alan Powell and Heath Clark stop blocking Constitutional Carry in our state.

Capitol insider report to me in the coming days you are likely to see a flurry of bills concerning a number of other issues including teacher’s carrying firearms.

While we are supportive of these concepts, we can’t allow these politicians to kick the can on Constitutional Carry in favor of the issue of the day.

Be sure to check back tomorrow when I will report to you live from the Capitol in Atlanta.

Most importantly, we cannot let a madman like the shooter in Florida be an excuse to shred our cherished Constitutional rights.

Until tomorrow, stay active, stay mobilized, stay involved, and never give an inch.

For freedom,

Patrick Parsons
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners