Marjorie Greene is Headed to Congress!

Earlier this evening, Marjorie Taylor Greene officially won her election to be the first ever Congresswoman in Georgia’s 14th Congressional District!

Greene came in first place in a crowded primary back in June, but had to go through a run-off with the second place finisher two months later.

After winning the run-off, Greene’s Democratic opponent dropped out of the race. Tonight, the voters finished the process and have elected to send Greene to Congress.

For gun owners, Greene’s victory tonight was about sending a message to the FAKE NEWS media and the radical gun control crowd in Washington, D.C. who have spent over a year trying to destroy Greene because she has vowed to lead the fight for gun rights in D.C.! 

Greene’s campaign ads featuring her AR-15’s made national news, causing Facebook to pull her ads and even caught the attention of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who is already attacking Greene.

That’s because, as every gun owner knows, the liberal media elites are now nothing more than a wholly owned subsidiary of the radical left -– and they are determined to crush anyone who opposes them!

Greene loudly opposes ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation and has vowed to also fight against any attempt to register or confiscate firearms or accessories.

As GGO members well know, it’s easy for politicians here in Georgia to say they will vote pro-gun. Finding legislators who will lead in the fight for gun rights is much harder.

That’s why Congresswoman-elect Greene is a breath of fresh air, and that’s also why GGO members will be hearing a lot about Greene over the next two years.

For Freedom,

Patrick Parsons
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners

P.S. Moments ago, Marjorie Taylor Greene officially won her election as the Congresswoman for Georgia’s 14th Congressional district!

This race is of special significance to gun owners, as Greene is clearly going to be a national leader in the fight for the Second Amendment, which is why the national media and Nancy Pelosi are already attacking her!

With the radical left determined to destroy our Second Amendment freedoms, Greene’s willingness to stand in the gap and help fight for gun owners is fantastic news.

Stay tuned!