Good News and Bad News

Just got word this morning that Republican Governor Candidate Clay Tippins has returned his Georgia Gun Owners Candidate Survey.

He joins State Senator Michael Williams as the second of five Republican candidates for Governor to return their survey.

For the official record, Williams returned the Candidate Survey and Candidate Pledge 100%, while Tippins only returned the survey 100%.

Libertarian candidate Ted Metz has also returned his survey 100%.

The bad news is that as of today’s deadline, Georgia Gun Owners has yet to receive a signed survey from Hunter Hill, Brian Kemp, or Casey Cagle.

There’s still time for them to return it — and we hope they do so.

Gun owners deserve to know specific answers to specific Second Amendment questions, not just “I support the Second” portrayed through flashy commercials and campaign slogans.

Please make one more round of calls and text messages to the campaigns of Hunter Hill, Brian Kemp, Casey Cagle, and Clay Tippins.

Insist they return their GGO Candidate Survey 100% in favor of your Second Amendment rights.

Hunter Hill: 770-855-2454

Brian Kemp: 985-956-2016

Casey Cagle: 678-756-4180

There’s no excuse for any candidate who claims support of the Second Amendment not to fill out our survey 100%.

History tells us when candidates won’t go on record, they’re trying to give themselves wiggle room to support some form of gun control down the road.

After you’ve taken action, please considering joining or renewing withGeorgia Gun Owners for 2018 if you’ve yet to do so!

Your generous financial support enables us to do what we do — crank up the heat, expose politicians, and make sure your Second Amendment rights are protected in this state.

If you’re already a GGO member for 2018, I hope you’ll make a special contribution today!

Thanks — in advance — for your generous support.

For freedom,

Patrick Parsons
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners