Double Down – Take Action for the 2A

When dealing with politicians, I’ve always taken this into the interaction:

How does it benefit the politician if I believe what they say?

Over the last two days — candidates for Governor, Hunter Hill, Brian Kemp, and Casey Cagle — received scores of calls and texts from GGO members insisting they return their GGO Candidate Survey 100%.

The most common excuse coming out of each campaign is this: “We haven’t received the survey yet!”

We know this isn’t true because I have certified mail receipts indicating they have received the survey.

With next Monday’s (April 9) deadline for the return of the GGO Candidate Survey rapidly approaching, I’m encouraging you to make another round of calls and send texts to each campaign right now.

Your message is simple: Insist the candidate they represent returns their survey 100% in favor of our Second Amendment rights by our deadline, April 9.

Hunter Hill Campaign Manager Jordan Chinouth: 706-410-4913

Brian Kemp Spokesman Ryan Mahoney: 985-956-2016

Casey Cagle Campaign Manager Scott Binkley: 678-756-4180

If you would like to view a copy of our “Candidate Survey” and “Leadership Pledge”, please click on the links below.

2018 Georgia Gun Owners Candidate Survey

2018 Georgia Gun Owners Leadership Pledge

Last night we received word that State Senator Michael Williams will return his survey by the deadline.

I’ve been in touch with the Campaign Manager for Clay Tippins, Taylor Brown, who asked for another copy of the survey, which I sent over.

After the deadline passes, we’ll report the results of our survey to members and supporters on email, social media, and in the mail.

That’s why it’s vital all candidates for Governor return their survey 100%, or they’ll face the wrath of Second Amendment supporters across the state.

Here at Georgia Gun Owners we take pride in holding politicians accountable.

That is not normal here in Georgia.

The establishment 2A organizations at the Capitol tip toe around, hoping never to OFFEND the politicians.

We take pride in kicking political tail, not kissing it.

And we won’t apologize for that.

If you agree with those sentiments, and have yet join or renew with GeorgiaGun Owners for 2018, please do so today.!

Your generous financial support enables us to do what we do — crank up the heat, expose politicians, and make sure your Second Amendment rights are protected in this state.

If you’re already a GGO member for 2018, I hope you’ll make a special contribution today!

Thanks — in advance — for your generous support.

For freedom,

Patrick Parsons
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners