Confrontation with Gov. Deal and Speaker Ralston

Governor Nathan Deal and Speaker David Ralston are trying to steal the most conservative, pro-gun legislative seat in the State of Georgia!

What’s even worse, they’re openly supporting a candidate who votes for left-wing Democrats year after year.

We were in Union County (North Georgia) yesterday with camera in hand to confront both Deal and Ralston, and expose their very open attack on your Second Amendment rights.


Georgia House District 8 is in Georgia’s far northeast corner — it’s the show down State House primary battle in the entire state.

Lead Constitutional Carry bill sponsor, State Rep. Matt Gurtler, is being attacked by Deal, Ralston, and big money from the left-wing lobbyists in Atlanta.

They’re trying to buy the seat and install a “Yes Man” puppet, Mickey Cummings, who according to the Secretary of State, has been voting for left-wing Democrats for decades.

Make no mistake about it, even if you don’t live in this district, this attack from Deal and Ralston is a direct attack on conservatives and Second Amendment supporters throughout the state.

It’s also an intimidation tactic used against other conservative legislators at the Capitol — step out of line and we’ll work to crush you.

As you know, we don’t blink an eye when politicians attack us here at Georgia Gun Owners.

We’re not out to serve them or seek their approval like so many other 2A organizations do.

We work on your behalf to expose what really happens at the Capitol, and what happened yesterday in Union County.

Deal and Ralston will attack the most pro-gun member of the General Assembly, yet openly support anti-gun Republicans close to Atlanta.

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Here’s the video of my confrontation with Governor Deal and Speaker Ralston yesterday.

Please click the video below to watch it.

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For freedom,

Patrick Parsons
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners

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