Casey Cagle Attacks 2A Rights Again

Casey Cagle finally said in public what we’ve known for many years — he’s OPPOSED to Constitutional Carry.

But he didn’t stop there.

In an interview yesterday with Doug Richards of 11 Alive News, Cagle went on to say Second Amendment rights don’t need to be expanded in Georgia.

Here’s the quote from 11 Alive News:

“But Cagle also said he’s not in favor of ‘constitutional carry’ proposals that would allow legal gun owners to conceal and carry handguns without a permit.

Georgia is in a very good position where our gun laws stand today,’ Cagle said, adding he knows of no areas where gun rights need to be expanded in the state.”

Many consider Cagle to be the front-runner for the Republican nomination here in Georgia.

His opposition to Constitutional Carry and opposition to expanding Second Amendment rights in our state is unacceptable.

That’s why we’re sponsoring web ads to reach hundreds of thousands of Georgians, to educate them on Casey Cagle’s anti-gun statements.

Our ad — launched just two hours ago — has already reached 46,488 voters across the state.

You can see the ad below.

Please chip in to help reach hundreds of thousands Second Amendment supporters across Georgia.

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After you’ve seen the ad, please forward this email to family and friends.

Georgians need to be aware of Cagle’s anti-gun beliefs.

For freedom,

Patrick Parsons
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners