March 8, 2018

She's Like Hillary Clinton, But Worse

This week (March 5-9), candidates file paperwork to run for state office in Georgia. Yesterday, the most radical, left-wing gun-grabber in Georgia history, Stacey Abrams, filed to run for Governor in Georgia. She IS the likely Democrat nominee for Governor in our state. While serving as a member of the General Assembly, Abrams dutifully signed on to anti-gun witch Mary Margaret Oliver’s “assault weapons” ban and many other gun controls year after year. Make no mistake about it, Abrams’ “end-game”

STOP H.R. 5087

If Dianne Feinstein gets her way, every single “semi-auto” handgun, rifle, and shotgun in the country will be BANNED! Just last week, H.R. 5087 was introduced in the United States Congress.  H.R. 5087 mimics S. 2095, the Feinstein Gun Ban, otherwise known as an “assault weapons ban”. JOIN OR RENEW WITH GEORGIA GUN OWNERS Three Georgia Congressmen (along with 170 others) are cosponsors of H.R. 5087: Hank Johnson John Lewis David Scott With these bills picking up