September 2017

Handgun Raffle happening now!

Dear Georgia Gun Owner, The Georgia Gun Owners Double Sig Sauer P229 Handgun Raffle is happening now! We’re raffling off TWO Sig Sauer P229 Handguns — ONE .357 and ONE .40 S&W (both valued at $1,229) like the ones pictured below! THERE WILL BE TWO WINNERS — YOU CHOOSE .357 or .40 S&W. Buy at least one raffle ticket and receive EITHER an official GGO Hat or a GGO “Liberty or Death”

ANTIFA explodes at Georgia Tech

Late last night, Antifa thugs and Black Lives Matter exploded into violence on the campus of Georgia Tech in downtown Atlanta. The culmination of their violent “protest” was the burning of a Georgia Tech police car on campus. Georgia Gun Owners had multiple sources on campus capturing video, pictures and observing the actions last night. From what we discovered after hearing from these GGO supporters on the ground, most if