February 20, 2017

Video - Heath Clark Speaks

Dear Georgia Gun Owner, Just got back from the Capitol in Atlanta, where once again Subcommittee Chair Heath Clark and Committee Chair Alan Powell refused to allow a vote on Constitutional Carry. Because neither legislator will give us a straight answer, we asked Chairman Heath Clark himself when gun owners would be getting an up-or-down vote on Constitutional Carry. His answer?  Click here or below to watch the video and

Worked all weekend (picture)

Dear Georgia Gun Owner, We worked all weekend preparing to deliver your signed Constitutional Carry petitions (picture below) to the Capitol in Atlanta. News broke over the weekend that there will be not one, but two Second Amendment hearings today in the House. Subcomittee 2A (Chairman Heath Clark)Public Safety | Homeland Security Committee (Chairman Alan Powell) As of this moment, both Chairman Clark and Chairman Powell are stonewalling gun owners,